Opening Words from Sun. September 17 by Elaine Miller

Good morning. My name is Elaine Miller and I have been a member of the Ethical Society for almost 4 years. I want to talk to you this morning about the Tuesday Women’s Association here at Ethical, better known as TWA, which I am serving this year as President.

The purpose of TWA is to work for the general good of the Ethical Society, to foster fellowship among our members, to provide programs of interest, and support select social causes.

I joined TWA because I wanted to make some new, like-minded, friends. I found it to be a very welcoming group, easy to join, even for an introvert like me. I then decided that I not only wanted to join TWA, but also the Ethical Society.

We meet every Tuesday morning at 10 am, except in July. We have a great year planned, and invite all women to join us for any of our meetings.

At this Tuesday’s meeting we are hosting a speaker on the Osage, one of the Indigenous Peoples we acknowledge as traditional stewards of this land. In the Spring we host the International Relations Lecture Series, featuring distinguished speakers on important current issues. Those 4 meetings are open to the public, including men.

We also have many other presentations scheduled this year addressing topics as varied as: book bans in Missouri, Early Music, winning the war on truth, birding, art conservation, African Americans in early St. Louis, architecture, sculpture, writing your family stories, the Delmar Divine, community gardens, opera, and the Bosnian-American experience in St. Louis.

Four times a year we take field trips. A couple of weeks ago we had a guided tour of the Walls off Washington exhibit in Grand Center. We also have plans for guided tours of the Holocaust Museum and even a Zither display in Washington, Missouri.

We sponsor three bake sales in the fall and a First Sunday Lunch in the Spring. This year we will also have a puzzle exchange. The money raised is donated to local social causes benefiting women, children, and families. We also make occasional purchases of equipment needed by the Ethical Society.

We round all this out with monthly book discussions, parties, and business meetings. You can get more information about these and other programs on our website by googling “Tuesday Womens Association.”

No matter the topic the best part of every meeting is the fellowship, and I hope some you of will join us there soon.

Thank you

NOTE: The ideas and opinions in this post do not necessarily express the thoughts or opinions of the Ethical Society of St. Louis or its leadership.