Opening Words from Sun. October 1 by Krystal White

Hi, everyone. I’m going to ask you a series of questions and, if they pertain to you, I want you to show everyone. You can raise your hand or, even better, shout it out: “YEP! YES! WOOT!” or whatever. So let’s do a practice round:

  • I attended Platform today. …. Okay, pretty good.
  • I find the Core Values inspirational.
  • I have donated money or items to help others.
  • I have written letters to, called, or emailed my elected representatives.
  • I have marched in protest or participated in a vigil or stood in solidarity with others to amplify their message.
  • I have sorted and/or packed donated items like food, books, toiletries…
  • I have picked up trash to help clean up my local community.
  • I have removed invasive plants and/or planted native ones.
  • I have reduced my carbon footprint by eating less meat and/or consuming less.
  • I have taken actions to make the world a better place.

Thank you, all, for sharing some of the many ways you strive to live your values. You’re going to have the opportunity to do so again. Get excited and mark your calendars: The Thanksgiving Service Platform is returning this year on Sunday, November 26th! Woohoo! For those who do not know, once a year the Ethical Society membership – kids and adults together – complete direct and hands-on service projects here on site during the traditional Platform and SEEK hour of 11 – 12. This annual tradition took a hiatus during COVID and I’ve been working behind the scenes with the staff of Ethical and other non-profits to bring it back.

We’re endeavoring to have a range of community service opportunities that day, with an eye towards accessibility so that everyone can put their ethics into action. You’ll see in the coming weeks opportunities to donate some items in our partnership with the International Institute and Atheist Alliance Helping the Homeless and I thank you in advance, if you’re able, to donate and contribute to those efforts. We’ll take those donations and make kits. In addition, we’ll make emergency contraception kits in partnership with Missouri Family Health Care and trauma kits in partnership with the T. (Also, bonus plug: Stay for the Narcan training after platform today!) We’ll also have some classics like writing letters to Ethical Society members we haven’t seen in a while, and cleaning the stained glass in the Foyer, and yanking honeysuckle from the Ethical Woods.

I’m having SO MUCH FUN planning this event and I hope you’re as excited as I am that it’s returning. So that I can make certain we have enough opportunities for everyone, later on this month you’ll receive a “Save the Date” invitation and commitment survey, so you can let us know if you actually will be in town over Thanksgiving, whether it will be just you or if outside friends and family will be joining you, etc. I do not want to over-commit our capabilities to outside organizations and, likewise, I don’t want to have too little work for us to do. The commitment RSVP will help us tremendously and I thank you in advance for your reply.

If you’ve heard all this and you’re thinking “I want to get started RIGHT NOW!” then, friend, let’s do it! Come join the team that’s planning the event – we’d love your help – or volunteer to be a lead person for one of the projects on the service day itself or reach out to me generally so we can work together in planning future ways to put our ethics in action and strive to live our values. Thank you.

NOTE: The ideas and opinions in this post do not necessarily express the thoughts or opinions of the Ethical Society of St. Louis or its leadership.