Opening Words from Sun. May 12 by Kathy Schrenk

I’m Kathy Schrenk, my pronouns are she/her. My husband, Nathan, and I have been members for about eight years. One of the main reasons we started coming to Ethical Society was to find a place for our kids to have an ethical education beyond what we talked about at home. Those of you who are parents know that kids often listen to others better than they listen to their parents. This certainly seemed true of our kids.

What we found at Ethical Society was a special environment where our kids got to experience practical and philosophical lessons about being ethical humans through the core values and deeper exercises in SEEK. In Coming of Age, our kids learned about religions that we had never been taught about as kids; the only messages we got about religion were either “we don’t talk about that” at school “there is only one true religion” (at home).

Once we started coming to Ethical Society, we found that there were many membership benefits to us as adults and not just as parents. We have met some of our best friends here. But we recognize that we probably would not have sought out Ethical Society if we weren’t parents.

The youth programs here are important for so many reasons, not just because they draw families like ours to the Society. Chief among them is the fact that this congregation and the Ethical Humanism movement overall can’t survive and thrive without young people. We need people of all ages involved to make this a vibrant community.

So I’m up here today to ask for your help. Yes, you. In the past, classroom participation was expected of all adults whose kids participated in SEEK. Our Youth program was successful in the past due to the support of volunteers. But we want people who don’t have kids in the programme to help. Intergenerational interaction is important for community building.

Those whose kids have aged out of SEEK and youth group, or those who don’t have kids, please sign up to help. By mid-simmer, SEEK Director Megan McCarthy will have signups posted in the Becker room for each Sunday of the school year. You’ll be able to sign up to help with the lessons from 10-11 every Sunday, and with community building and activity hour from 11 to noon (yes, this is a switch from how those were scheduled in the past).

You’ll be able to know the planned topic when you sign up, and Megan will supply a list of suggested activities to help you figure out how you want to contribute. If you’d like more information now, you can contact Megan. Her email address should be on your program.

Please give just a couple hours of your time this coming school year. If this congregation and the broader ethical humanism movement are important to you, than SEEK is important to you. Volunteering will allow you to spend time with some fun kiddos AND help your community. Thank you.

NOTE: The ideas and opinions in this post do not necessarily express the thoughts or opinions of the Ethical Society of St. Louis or its leadership.