Opening Words from Sun. July 10 by Gary Rickerd

Good morning everyone!

As a self made entrepreneur, I worked my way up from the bottom becoming the 50% owner of a business with close to a hundred employees. We sold the business last year to merge with another, becoming one of the largest MEP contractors in the region. My wife thinks I have succeeded in business. I could simply retire and spend my time relaxing.

I should be content, however, I am not. As an entrepreneur with vision, I am heading to my next mission, which is to protect and preserve our only true home. Earth.

We have two young children who are also members here and their future home is at great risk. I am committed to unify collective action to avert global catastrophe. This issue towers above all others because it directly impacts humanity’s ability to continue living in paradise on Earth.

It is a false sense that we are separate from the rest of nature. An arrogant dominance homo sapiens wield in the face of the other 8 million or more species of life. It is with intention that humans eliminate nature’s great strength of evolution, its biodiversity, that is far beyond human comprehension.

5 billion acres of paradise on Earth has been destroyed by humans, much to grow monocultures of genetically modified soybean and corn not even fit for human consumption.

Over half of all marine life has been killed off by our species.

More than 100 billion tons of ice per year is melting just in Antarctica and Greenland, and according to
National Geographic, Alaskan glaciers are melting 100 times faster than previously thought.

Earth is literally having a meltdown.

The scientific predictions for climate change are conservative estimates which are being found in many cases to be far too low.

This list can go on and on and on…

What are we doing to this planet?

Will we watch in silence or unite to be active and outspoken against the actions of the few that are leading to the demise of the whole?

Our creator is Nature and our creator is being devastated by us and our creations without respect or analysis of what is being lost in the process.

We do not own the Land of Earth that is billions of years old, we are temporary occupants of the Earth. We belong to it.

Many studies show spending time in nature improves wellness. Not surprising since that is where we come from.

We must protect and preserve the longevity of humanity on Earth. It starts by caring and sharing. Emotional and social capital is more authentic and valuable to real change than money could ever be.

And if the time comes, all the commas in all the bank accounts in the world will not be able to buy a new planet that Nature took hundreds of millions of years to develop.

You see I snapped out of the superficial shallow minded existence within a self centered materialistic and financially-obsessed culture.

There is so much more to life than desires of over consumption and accumulation of wealth with no real purpose or deeper meaning to live.

We owe everything, i mean everything, to what comes from this planet. I want to payback my indebtedness by promoting the value of our actual provider. Nature.

I am an investor and I am determined to invest my time and money in the future of our precious planet.

For this reason, now is not the time for me to spend relaxing but spending my time wisely and with purpose.

The good news is we can use our time and money to benefit the planet and collectively we can have enormous influence.

We are workers like ants of a colony or bees of a hive. We all have a purpose to improve and secure the home not destroy it.

I have committed myself to living the rest of my days to work hard not for personal benefit but for the benefit of those who will look back at the actions of our generations of today and see who spoke out and stood up to protect the future for the youth of tomorrow. We are the environmentalists

And I hope you will join us at

NOTE: The ideas and opinions in this post do not necessarily express the thoughts or opinions of the Ethical Society of St. Louis or its leadership.