Opening Words from Sun. February 7 by Alan Easton

In appreciation of Kate Lovelady’s 10 years of service as Leader of the Ethical Society of St. Louis

Most of you know that as of last December 1st, Kate Lovelady had served as Leader of the Ethical Society of St. Louis for 10 wonderful years.

Can we show her some appreciation?

I have worked with Kate when I served on the platform speaker committee and for the six years when I served on the Board of Trustees.

What I have seen is that Kate has brought a combination of youth and maturity (yes, that rare combination) to the Leadership of our Society.

Kate has a key competence that Leaders need: she selects great people to serve on the staff. A few years ago she accepted more managerial and supervisory responsibilities.

Her style of Leadership is goal oriented, respectful and patient – (Yes, another rare combination)

She has served on several committees including one that did long range planning for the Society.

Her thought provoking platform addresses are her most visible contribution.

Kate has brought changes to our platform program:

  • She made regular the presence of Sunday School students at platform – a way of integrating the simultaneous separate parts of the Society.
  • She introduced into the program the Mindfulness Moment and the Split Collections.
  • She encouraged newer members to serve as platform chairs and to give opening words.

Kate has musical talents: She is a versatile member of the drumming group, she sings like a bird and can whistle, too.

Among some other of her contributions:

  • She has led monthly discussions of ethics and Ethical Culture at 9:45 forums.
  • She has spoken to the Sunday School and Youth Group and to the TWA.
  • She has supported members in starting their own groups to pursue their shared passions. And one of her own passions: she created our Good Eatin’ vegetarian dinner group.
  • She has brought to the whole Society social action efforts promoted by members. These include the Society’s support for Senior Connections which provides visitors for nursing home residents. Kate has helped organize Society donations to the Kingdom House Food Bank and to the Uganda Humanist Schools.
  • She has been a public face for the Missouri Clean Energy Coalition of which the Society is a founding member.
  • I was in the state capitol one fine day last year and heard Kate’s voice amplified under the dome. There she was, representing the coalition members while she announced its formation.
  • A few years ago Kate joined other clergy who traveled up to Iowa to serve as an officiant in the weddings of same-sex couples. Iowa was at the time the closest state where same-sex marriage was legal.
  • Kate recruited James Croft at first as Leader in training. He has given our Society a higher profile in the local community.

Thanks to Kate’s efforts and those of many others of us, our Society is a unique, independent, robust, and welcoming home for humanists.

Let’s show our appreciation for Kate once again.