Opening Words from Sun. Apr. 22 by Sue Williams

Opening Words

Used with permission of Eva Rinald

SCRIPT for Platform Minute:  April 22  EARTH DAY
by Sue Williams

Good Morning on this lovely Spring morning.  I’d like to share some thoughts with you about Earth Day, which we are celebrating today.

KERMIT:  Excuse me, Sue.  But I have something for you.

SUE:  Oh, hello Kermit,  what’s that you have there?

KERMIT:  It’s the letter E.  I thought you might like to use it in your talk today.

SUE:   Where did you find that?

KERMIT:  Actually Toni Wirts found it while she was cleaning up the woods during the TRASH BASH last month.  Isn’t it sad that somebody threw away a perfectly good LETTER E?

SUE:  Yes, it is Kermit. People throw away a lot of perfectly good things that they could use again.

KERMIT:  Well what can this old letter E be used  for?   Elmo!

SUE:  Sure Elmo starts with E, but you know if we think more about it, letter E can be used for many words that remind us of how to help the EARTH.

KERMIT:  EARTH, that’s a letter E word.

SUE:  Yes, and so is Eat.  We can eat more sustainable food.

KERMIT:  I eat flies, are they sustainable?

SUE: UH, I think so.  And E can stand for Energy conservation, you know like using less electricity and gas at home and in our cars.  You can also E-mail or write to your government officials to ask them to keep laws that protect the air and water in our environment.  Environment starts with E too. Do you know how we can help the environment?

KERMIT:  UH,  No Swimming in frog ponds?

SUE:  Well, maybe not, but definitely no polluting of ponds, or lakes, or river bottoms—you can find out more about how to  stop pollution at our EARTH ETHICS meetings here at the Ethical Society on the third Tuesday each month and today downstairs in Fellowship Hall.  And you can help clean up some of that pollution at events like the Trash Bash where Toni found that E, or participate in Operation Clean stream, and maybe we’ll start our very own Ethical Society Stream Team.

KERMIT:  ETHICAL  –that’s a big E word, isn’t it?

SUE:  Yes, Kermit, that’s the most important E of all—if we all tried to have more ethical eating habits, energy usage and efforts to protect the environment, we won’t need to throw away a perfectly good planet EARTH.

KERMIT:  You know, I think maybe it’s really EASY to be green.

SUE:   Yes Kermit, you’re right. We can all try to be more green—just using that cloth reusable bag is a good start.


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