One sign of hope

Greetings to everyone in the St. Louis area after a weekend of ice and power outages.  I hope everyone is warm and safe.

We had to cancel Sunday’s meeting, but one of the Signs of Hope I was going to mention is the growing acceptance of marriage equality.  Faster progress would be better, of course, but when you consider how long it took earlier civil rights movements to achieve more equal rights for minorities and women, perhaps the fact that last month Arizona voters became the first to defeat an anti-marriage proposal shows that the times they a’changin’ a little faster than they used to?
The New York Times just ran an article on different-sex couples who refuse to marry until same-sex couples can as well.  As many of you know, this is the primary reason my partner Bill and I are not married, although we have been together for over ten years.  I’m not picking out any China patterns because of the Arizona vote, but I am a little more hopeful.