New ad campaign for humanism–What do you think?

So the American Humanist Association has a new ad campaign called Consider Humanism. There are several different versions, but here’s a sample:

I saw this unveiled at the AHA conference last June, and I kinda hoped they’d come up with something else. I know it’s easier to find fault than to write a catchy campaign myself, but I don’t like ads that can so easily be flipped on their heads. It would be simple to make a mirror-image ad against humanism that says “Some humanists believe [insert stupid thing some humanist has said here]”; “Christians [or other theistic religion] believe [insert some loving thing that Jesus or Martin Luther King or Ghandi said here].”

I understand the point the ads are trying to make: people should know that there are a lot of horrific things in “sacred” texts or said by supposedly holy people, and that humanism has and does stand for a lot of good things such as intellectual freedom and human rights. I just don’t think the way to make that point is with this ad.

But that’s just my opinion. What do you think?