Naturescaping: Landscaping for Life; Mitch Leachman, Executive Director St. Louis Audubon Society

Naturescaping? Landscaping for nature—or landscaping for life—including our own! We face a host of challenges in the 21st Century, not the least of which is maintaining a healthy, functioning environment. Naturescaping in urban spaces of all kinds can make a real difference for at-risk plants and animals, ecosystem services and our own well-being. Reconnect with nature in your own landscape. Share that experience with others. Watch your life change. Mitch Leachman with the St. Louis Audubon Society will discuss this topic and a new program that supports it called Bring Conservation Home.

Mitch Leachman is the Executive Director of the St. Louis Audubon Society and coordinator of their Bring Conservation Home program. He joined the Audubon network in 1997 and has been active with the St. Louis chapter since 2001. On staff since 2008, Mitch plans and coordinates many chapter activities, including Bring Conservation Home, community stewardship projects, fund-raising, communications and outreach.