Movie: The Interview (2014)

Interview2014Imagine my surprise when I found this controversial movie on Netflix!  Of course I had to watch it, even though I would probably never have paid money to see it.  Publicity is, after all, what this movie is all about.  In fact, it would not surprise me to learn that the whole Sony hacking thing was one huge publicity stunt.

As a movie, it’s a rather slapstick farce with tons of bad language.  The script was apparently written by a precocious 12-year-old.  I understand that such films are pretty popular with young people these days, and I despair for our civilization.  But then that, too, is what the movie is all about.  It pokes fun at absolutely everyone depicted in it, there is a lot of blood and violence of all sorts.  I dislike this phenomenon, as it trivializes things that are really horrible and not at all funny.

Really, that is the point of the movie: to gross out as many people as possible.  To whom is such a movie amusing?  Not to me, but then they weren’t thinking of senior citizens as a target audience.  Don’t let preteens see it, but I suspect those that will love it most are those that are only just old enough to be allowed to see it.

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