Movie: The Adjustment Bureau (2011)

AdjustmentBureauMatt Damon plays a New York congressman who runs for the senate.  But his fate is being manipulated by the Adjustment Bureau, a creation of one of my favorite science fiction writers, Philip K. Dick.  Who are they, what are they up to, and why?  I will leave it to you to interpret, but you might see some significant parallels to religious concepts in the references to The Chairman, and to “upstairs.”  Dick was careful not to draw the lines too clearly, because his point is somewhat different from most stories with a religious bent.

The congressman falls in love with a dancer, which was not in the plan.  Whose plan?  With what long-range goals?  Can they be altered?  Go along with the premise, and you can’t help rooting for the couple that is determined to defy all the . . . odds?  Something odd, anyway.

It helps that I find Matt Damon intensely appealing, but it also helps that any number of my favorite people show up in cameo roles.  An enjoyable film.

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