You May Be a Sex Offender If…; Lenore Skenazy

How did we get to the point where it is more likely that your child will end up on the Sex Offender Registry than be molested by someone on it? Lenore Skenazy looks at who is on the registry, whether it is working, and what it takes to get labeled a “sex offender.” Prepare for a fun and interactive presentation—believe it or not!

Lenore Skenazy is founder of the book and blog Free-Range Kids, which launched the anti-helicopter parenting movement. She has lectured extensively, been on numerous talk shows, was profiled in the New York Times and the New Yorker, and appeared on The Daily Show. The mom of two says her job is “Fighting the belief that our children are in constant danger from creeps, kidnapping, germs, grades, flashers, frustration, failure, baby snatchers, bugs, bullies, men, sleepovers and/or the perils of a non-organic grape.”