Loving Kindness meditation from platform address

A few weeks ago in my Sunday Address “In Praise of Gentleness,” I recommended trying the practice of loving-kindness mindfulness meditation. This practice uses a series of statements that (over a period of time) you make first about yourself, then about a loved one, then about a person you feel neutral toward, and finally about a person you feel negatively toward. Here’s the version that I shared:

May I be peaceful, happy, and light in body and spirit.
May I be safe and free from injury.
May I be free from anger, afflictions, fear, and anxiety.
May I learn to look at myself with the eyes of understanding and love.
May I be able to recognize and touch the seeds of joy and happiness in myself.
May I learn to identify and see the sources of anger, craving, and delusion in myself.
May I know how to nourish the seeds of joy in myself every day.
May I be able to live fresh, solid, and free.
May I be free from attachment and aversion, but not be indifferent.

As a much shorter form, you can simply use “May I be safe, healthy, loved, and loving” or any version that makes sense to you. You can find lots more information and other versions by searching online for loving kindness or metta meditation. I’ve had several people tell me that they’ve been trying this practice and found it’s really helped them feel more compassionate toward themselves and others. Hope you find it helpful too!