Living Requires Dealing with Change; Fred Tuttle

A member of the Ethical Society for 43 years, Fred Tuttle will talk about experiences influencing how an individual thinks and acts. He observes the huge technology changes of our times, societal shifts and personal changes. He’ll also make comments on how changes influence the Ethical Society. How well we live depends upon our ability to deal with change that will occur and over which we have no control. Many people are very unhappy and make themselves ill because they can-not control individual and collective behavior and cannot stop change.

Fred Tuttle was born May 21, 1930, in San Francisco, CA. He was the eldest of three boys and a girl. He grew up in Arlington, VA, where his father worked for the Federal Government. His mother died when he was 20 from a heart condition. His father died when he was 27. Fred graduated from Virginia Polytechnic Institute in 1952 with honors and a degree in Industrial Engineering. He worked continuously from age 12 until age 63 ½ with 38 ½ of those years at McDonnell-Douglas in St. Louis. He pioneered real time digital computing in flight control systems and simulators. Fred married Bruce (Brucie) Miller in 1951 while still in college. They have three children, six grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. They lived in Florissant for 50 years before moving to Friendship Village Chesterfield in 2007.