Kitten sexism

At home we are fostering two kittens for the Humane Society for a couple weeks while they recover from colds. One kitten is healing quickly, eating well, boldly jumping around, and growing rapidly. The other one is not doing so well and is smaller, weak, not eating, and generally fearful.

Here’s the thing. Even though I know that the big strong one is the female and the little weak one is the male, I can’t seem to stop referring to the big one as “he” and the littler one as “she.” I think it’s not only due to their relative sizes and attitudes, but because the smaller one has lighter and more delicate coloring.

Little things like this remind me that although I was raised as a feminist and am lucky enough to live for the most part in an egalitarian environment, there are still prejudices in my head that are hard to root out. Do you ever notice yourself making similar assumptions?