Kirkwood tragedy

The shooting death last night of several of our citizens is shocking and hard to comprehend, and especially sad because those who died and were injured were there last night to serve the public good, on the police force and in city government.

When something so tragic happens, there is an impulse to jump to problem-solving and talk of gun access, treatment for the mentally ill, etc. These are conversations we should have. But in the immediate aftermath, we need to concentrate on caring for each other and the families who have lost loved ones, to rebuild our trust in the goodness of life.

I know many feel that the world has gone crazy, because an unfortunate side-effect of our shrinking world is that we hear and see so much more violence than people ever have in history. Yet in reality we are becoming a less violent people, and we can try to take some comfort in that. Still, when violence takes away those we know and love, statistics are irrelevant. So let us reach out to our neighbors with extra kindness this weekend, and make the world a more welcoming place.