Kickoff Meeting Reminder – February 24

Next week will be our Kickoff Meeting. We’ve been having General Meetings since November, but we haven’t had our official kick off. Until now, we’ve had a lot of people try out our meetings, but we haven’t had official membership, uniforms, or registration. We’re going to start those things at this meeting!

This meeting will be a bit more administration-heavy than usual in order to do these steps, but we will also have fun activities for children and Travelers (adults).

Please bring your checkbooks to pay for the registration fees and uniform costs (we have purchased some uniforms in advance to be able to distribute some at the meeting):

  • Stargazer Uniform: $13/child (age up to 6)
  • Junior Navigator Uniform: $32/child (7-10)*
  • Senior Navigator Uniform: $32/child (11-18)*
  • Traveler Uniform: Bring your own light blue shirt or Polo, and we will silkscreen our logos on it for $2
  • Annual Registration: $10/family

Full uniforms are expected of all Navigators. In addition to the above items, each Navigator will be expected to obtain khaki pants and sturdy shoes on their own. Stargazers will also need to obtain a solid colored shirt (preferably light green). The Navigator manuals are available in the Ethical Society library for check out, or you may purchase on of your own directly from the Navigators USA website.

Please let us know if you like to be considered for financial assistance.

The meeting will be 9am-10am at the Ethical Society of St. Louis. We will be in the Assembly Hall downstairs, using the Library and some of the side Sunday School rooms.

If you have considered coming to one of our general meetings in the past and haven’t made it, this is the one for your to come to to check us out!

*Note: There was a typo on the age ranges here initially.