Jun. 14-17: American Ethical Union's 97th Assembly

Press Release from AEU:

American Ethical Union’s 97th Assembly
June 14th – 17th, 2012

We are pleased to announce that the AEU’s Assembly website is now available.  The website gives a complete overview of the programming, lodging & activities at this year’s Assembly in Albany, NY.

The theme of our Assembly this year is: “Creating Communities of Hope and Justice”

Friday, June 15th: The program will focus on “Our Ethical Culture Societies” – lead by Leaders from various Societies the program is structured to encourage a high level of participation and communication among the participates. These workshops will defiantly give you new concepts, practices & ideas to take back and share with your Society.

Saturday, June 16th:  The program will focus on Humanizing Criminal Justice – the day will consist of speakers, panel discussions, and workshops presented by leading  professionals in their fields who work daily with the incarcerated and on behalf of the incarcerated.  Discussions and workshops will center around area such as the experience of incarceration, law enforcement, education & arts, legislative issues, volunteerism, juveniles justice, and the needs of children and families of incarcerated and how you can make a difference.

In order to continue our efforts in lessening our carbon footprint and due to the success of last years online registration, the AEU is offering Online Registration again this year.
To view the Assembly website and/or Register, please click HERE 

The website is available through the above link or by visiting the AEU website at www.aeu.org

There will also be Assembly brochures available at your societies as well as on the AEU website for those who prefer to register by mail – but we are trying to move away from using paper products and have registrations made in “real-time” therefore we ask that you register online.

If you have any questions regarding this years Assembly, please call the AEU at 212-873-6500 or email L. Miller at: lmiller.aeu@gmail.com  or Donna Pang at: dpang.aeu@gmail.com

We are looking forward to seeing you in Albany!!

Best regards,

The Assembly Committee