Julia Sweeney

. . . appeared on Saturday Night Live several years back.  She’s since written and performed autobiographical solo shows; her latest is called “Giving Up God,” and it’s quite funny and interesting.  As is her website, juliasweeney.com, where you can read and/or listen to excerpts of “Giving Up God” and peruse her blog, which seems to attract people who like to debate the existence of god and the supernatural and the pros and cons of religion in general.

The radio show “This American Life” featured a long section of “Giving Up God” in which Sweeney describes finally reading the Bible after a lifetime of being a Catholic, and her horror at what she finds in it.  It’s a funny and very touching monologue about belief and ethics and mortality.  To listen, go to thislife.org, click on “Complete Archive” at the left, and choose the 2005 show entitled “Godless America.”  You can listen for free at your computer or download it to your [iPod] for a dollar.