James Croft: "God is Dead. So What?" at Skepticon 5

James Croft

A few months ago, James Croft gave a talk at a scientific skepticism/atheism conference that promoted Felix Adler’s philosophy. Croft recently added to his repertoire with a talk at Skepticon on the topic “God is Dead. So What?”

In this talk, Croft speaks to atheists, humanists, and freethinkers who want to move beyond the epistemological question of God’s existence and create moral communities, including Ethical Culture.

After discussing the current state of “Nones” in our culture, Croft examines how religious movements are more successful at motivating social action than secular movements generally have been. However, he notes that there is no reason that humanist communities cannot provide the same moral and social effects, if we work together:

“Close, morally intense, but nonreligious networks could have a powerful effect [on civic engagement], but there are too few of them, and they are too small to study.” – quoting Putnam and Campbell

Fortunately, Croft points out a few leading lights in the humanist community doing exactly this work, the Ethical Culture movement in general and the Ethical Society of St. Louis in particular.

Thanks to James for the the endorsement and the inspiration.