It's a Little Easier Bein' Green

And it gets easier every day. Several people had follow-up questions about veganism after my address on Sunday. If you’d like more info on vegetarianism and veganism, there’s a great site at It’s run by the folks at PETA, whom I don’t always agree with–their radical fringe has hurt their own cause at times. But this site is very friendly and there’s a link at the top to a free vegetarian starter kit that you can order or download instantly, and it’s got health info, animal treatment info, recipes, tips for dining out, for families, etc.

Thanks to Reggie for sharing her experiences around food choices. Her thoughts prompt me to remind folks of one of my favorite phrases: The Perfect Is the Enemy of the Good (Voltaire). Meaning, it is better to do what we can than to abandon the effort because we can’t do everything, and we should feel good about whatever we do rather than guilty about what we don’t. (Some people think pride leads to complacency and guilt is motivating, but I believe that good feelings motivate more action, while guilt makes us want to stop thinking about the painful topic–Opinions, psychological scientists?) In fact, perhaps we shouldn’t use labels such as “vegetarian” and “vegan,” as they suggest that a person either perfectly follows these diets or doesn’t at all. There are many people these days making incremental changes to a more ethical diet and lifestyle, and every small change does make a difference. In fact, it’s the millions of people making small changes, rather than the few making radical changes, that convince corporations such as McDonald’s to offer veggie burgers, or Starbucks to offer Fair Trade coffee.