I tried so hard . . .

. . . not to write about the “War on Christmas,” a “controversy” that tends to make everyone in the discussion sound “nuts.”  I wrote and then deleted a long blog entry in December about it.  Yet with the May flowers it has bloomed on our doorstep:   “The Francis Howell School Board is considering changing the name of the winter break to ‘Christmas break’.”  The vote is expected to take place tomorrow, May 4.  An article on this is available here (Google cache).

Interesting quotes from the article:
” ‘The reason we take a break is because it’s Christmas, not because it’s winter.’ “  Actually, the reason Christmas is celebrated in late December is to coincide with the Winter Solstice, a traditional time of celebration for thousands (more than 2) of years.

“[School board member] Black said he was offended that Francis Howell was helping to minimize the segment of society that celebrates Christmas.”  . . . I admit this is a very unethical of me, but the only response I have to those worried about the marginalization of 95% of society is laughter.  I suppose I should feel sorry for all those kids who wouldn’t even know it was Christmas unless their school calendar told them . . . sorry, I’m laughing again. 

Would re-naming it Christmas Break mean that kids who don’t celebrate Christmas have to stay in school?  Of course not–it wouldn’t mean anything, really, except that when it comes to religion in school and appreciation of diversity, “Majority Rules.”  Is that really what Francis Howell wants to teach its students?