Honoring fathers’ day; Patrick Crowley, Paul Goodfellow, and Steve Harris

This Sunday is the first day of summer; it’s also come to be celebrated as Fathers’ Day. Please join us as we honor fatherhood, its joys and challenges, and the special father-figures in our lives. Members Patrick Crowley, Paul Goodfellow, and Steve Harris will share their thoughts as fathers and the products of long lines of fathers.

Patrick Crowley lives in University City with his wife Laura and daughters Sophia and Alice. He is an associate professor at Washington University, where he explores the design of new and useful computer and network systems. Patrick and Laura joined the Society in 2005.

Paul Goodfellow is the Professor of genetics, surgery, and of obstetrics and gynecology at Washington University in St. Louis. Originally from Canada, Paul and his wife, artist Carol Stewart, joined the Society in 2000. They have two sons, Jonathan and Jamie, and reside in Clayton.

Steve Harris joined the St. Louis Ethical Society in 1988, together with his wife Pat, who died in 1996. All three of their children attended the Sunday School and later the youth group. It was a very positive experience for them. Ben now lives in Los Angeles, Susan lives in Milwaukee and Liz lives in University City and is a member here. Since 2006, Steve has served on the board of trustees as treasurer. He is employed by Thomson Reuters and designs some of their financial services used by money managers.