Highest-ranking non-theist in America

A U.S. Congressman has publicly declared that he does not believe in a supreme being. A recent poll (mentioned in the article) says that 55% of Americans would not vote for an atheist, but I don’t think anti-atheism sentiment is really that bad. Those kind of poll results simply measure stereotypes–it doesn’t say much about how people would feel about any particular atheist (or Mormon, Muslim, etc.). Many folks used to think they didn’t like gay people, because they didn’t know they knew any; now that they know that people they already like, admire, and love happen to be gay, they’re shedding many of the old stereotypes and fears. I believe the same will happen with atheists, which is why I’m glad Rep. Stark is willing to be public about his beliefs. Many voters fear that atheists are immoral, and the more openly atheist politicians there are, the clearer it will be that supernatural beliefs are irrelevant: all politicians are immoral.

Thanks to Stephen L for sending this link.