Happy 2008

Happy New Year. Hope your holidays or avoidance-of-holidays were enjoyable. I visited my family and saw a few friends, and everyone behaved him-or-herself, including me, and I didn’t get stranded by any airlines, so all went well in my world. I had some craftsy fun with my father making ornaments and felt-decorated gift boxes (my long-term goal is entirely reusable gift boxes and bags), and I made a vegan smörgåsbord (if that’s not a total oxymoron)–and learned that, familial roots be damned, I prefer Indian food.

Today I scooted back to the Society in 27 degree weather, which I did not particularly enjoy, but it was okay, and thanks to global warming–I mean, a meaningless coincidental warming trend–it’ll be 60 by this weekend.

My resolutions for 2008? Continue to try to live more lightly on the earth, be more mindful, pay more attention to the important things in life (which are usually not things), and pay less attention to the less important. And you? Resolutions, anyone?