Folding@home – Ethical Society of St Louis group

Social distancing but want to take action to help defeat coronavirus? One way to do that is to join in the world wide distributed computing project Folding@home ( The project, led by Washington University researchers, runs complex computer simulations that model the building blocks of the new coronavirus in 3-D. This important work takes supercomputer power which is both expensive and hard to acquire. Folding@home overcomes this by having its users’ computers (around 5 million of them so far) work on small bits at a time then pooling their results.

You can read more about it on their web site and in a recent Post-Dispatch article. It runs when you are not using your computer so it does not slow it down or interfere with your use. The free software is available for Windows, Mac, and Linix. You can participate as an individual or as a group. There is an EthicalStL group (id 266591) already created. So, give it a look and join the team.