Feeling “Stuck” – Wants vs. Shoulds; Becky Vollmer and Amy Miller, MSW, Interim Director

Amy Miller will be in conversation with local author and yoga teacher Becky Vollmer to discuss the phenomenon of feeling “stuck” and how it shows up in our jobs, relationships, and personal habits. They’ll explore the tension between “wants” vs. “shoulds,” the stifling effect of other people’s expectations, and the way fear too often holds us back. But all is not lost! Becky holds that the opposite of fear isn’t just courage, it’s choice–specifically, soul-guided choice–and has specific strategies for making them work for you. We all have choices, she says; we just have to be brave enough to make them.

Becky Vollmer is a speaker, yoga teacher, and creator of You Are Not Stuck, a movement that empowers people to pursue the lives they most deeply desire. She also is the author of the book You Are Not Stuck: How Soul-Guided Choices Transform Fear into Freedom (published by St. Martin’s Press, 2023). Becky teaches the principles of empowerment and choice, guides a global community on social media that is several hundred thousand strong, and leads self-exploration programs at some of the nation’s leading yoga and wellness centers. A former newspaper journalist, Becky writes on topics including personal growth, relationships, mental health and wellness, mindfulness, meditation, and spirituality. She also is a leading voice in the sobriety and recovery community. Becky lives in St. Louis with her husband and four children.


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