The Evolution of Corrections in Missouri; George Lombardi, Director of Corrections at Missouri Department of Corrections

Corrections budgets across this country have increased dramatically in the past 25 years. The root causes of that increase are numerous, including more conservative approaches to sentencing, the increased time required for incarceration, the advent of new crimes each legislative session, the increased population in age range prone to committing crime, the deinstitutionalization of mental health systems and many other factors. As prisons have grown, the complexity and responsibility of ensuring constitutional living conditions and rehabilitative efforts have concomitant-ly increased likewise. Restorative Justice is a catalyst for changing individual’s cognitive beliefs and emotional character toward a productive life. The Missouri Department of Corrections is on the forefront of the restorative justice effort nationally.

Mr. Lombardi is a 35-year veteran of the Missouri Department of Corrections, having served previously as the Director of the Division of Adult Institutions, Assistant Director, and a warden. As Director of Corrections he is responsible for 11,500 staff, 75,000 probation and parolees, and 30,000 inmates. He has been recognized with many awards, most recently the 2012 Region VII Missouri State Champion Award (Head Start Association).