Ethicurean Round Robin Dinner Sign-Ups

The Ethicurean Round Robin Dinners are a series of potluck dinners in members’ homes, held four times yearly, on the second weekend of October, January, April and July. These are a wonderful way get to know other Society members in a relaxed, informal setting. You may sign up individually or as a couple. You might or might not be dining with some of the same people from one dinner to the next.

In a change from past years, the host is not responsible for the main dish. Food assignments vary depending on the host’s preference and how many separate units (individual or couple) are attending. Typically, the host provides the home and table setting, non-alcoholic drinks, and (optionally) bread and an appetizer. Alcoholic drinks are BYOB unless the host provides otherwise. Each guest or guest couple provides one of the following as instructed by the host: main dish; salad; or dessert. You are strongly encour-aged to sign up to host one of the dinners if possible.

This year we have a Friday Series, a Saturday Series and a Sunday Series. We ask you to sign up for one of these. This will help us make a tentative schedule. If your plans change, you may change your dates. Additional participants are welcome to sign up during the year. The dates follow:

  • Friday series: Oct. 12, 2012; Jan. 11, 2013; April 12, 2013; July 12, 2013
  • Saturday series: Oct. 13, 2012; Jan. 12, 2013; April 13, 2013; July 13, 2013
  • Sunday series: Oct. 14, 2012; Jan. 13, 2013; April 14, 2013; July 14, 2013

You will find a sign-up sheet on the website in the Members’ Area or at Ethicurean Sign-up. If you prefer, you can sign up with Andie Jackson by email or by phone, which are both on the sign-up. She will need your name(s), contact information, whether you want the Friday, Saturday or Sunday Series, and whether you are willing to host one time.