Ethical Societies mentioned in Washington Post

I’m back from the American Ethical Union Lay Leadership Summer School, and again I had an incredible time helping folks from around the country learn more about Ethical Culture and sharpen their relationship-skills in order to build stronger Ethical Societies. And I sang, danced, ate great vegan food, and admired the gorgeous Appalachian scenery, too, although at an earlier hour than I normally like to admire things.

And not related to any of that, today Ethical Culture was mentioned in the Washington Post, in a very interesting commentary piece about a recent Obama/McCain event: “Now, can we have more of these events in Catholic churches, mosques, synagogues and ethical society meeting halls?” I wish we could. If Obama and McCain would like to have a dialog on ethics, the Ethical Society of St. Louis is open to ’em. We even have some newly-skilled lay leaders who could help facilitate.