Ethical Navigators Weekly Update – Feb 24


  1. Next small (“add-on”) outing will be to Serendipity Ice Cream on March 2.
  2. Our next general meeting will be our Sunday, March 10.
  3. Next large outing will be to the Washington University Pow Wow on March 16.
  4. Our Kickoff Meeting this morning went great


March 2
One of the mothers in our group is the chef a Serendipity Homemade Ice Cream shop in Webster Groves. She has offered to give us a tour of the shop at 10:30 am on March 2. More details on this will be coming. Mitch Harden will be organizing this event for us. This is a free event.

March 16
Join us for an outing to Washington University’s 23rd Annual Pow Wow. The doors open at 10 and the grand entries are at 12 and 6 pm. We will meet at 10:30 and plan on purchasing lunch from the vendors and be in seats for the grand entry (you may also bring your own lunch, if preferred).

Before entering the main event, Haley Pepper will talk to us outside or in the main lobby about etiquette. Haley is the organizer for this outing, and she has arranged for a speaker from the sponsoring group to come speak with us. Haley’s sons will be in regalia and in the tiny tot dance competition.

In preparation for this outing (which will be our major outing for March), we will have a General Meeting on March 10 to learn about Native American culture. Haley and her husband, Mauricio Fonseca, will teach us about Native American life.

General Meetings

February 24
Our Kickoff Meeting went very well this morning. We had 26 children (12 Stargazers, 11 Junior Navigators, and 3 Senior Navigators) and lots of adults. We also had at least three families involved that hadn’t been a part of our group before. Welcome!

Thanks for Rachel Valenti and Kitt Rogers for allowing us to use the Assembly Room space before Sunday School.

Thanks to Ellen Wilson for going though the registration paperwork with the parents and adults!

Here are some pictures: Facebook Google+

March 10
Our next General Meeting will be Sunday, March 10, again in the Assembly Room. We will learn about Native American culture in preparation for our Outing to the Pow Wow later that week.



Last week, I advertised a Google Calendar for our group, but we have since changed the URL. Please see the footer of this message for the latest URLs (and for our other accounts).

March 3 Committee Meeting

We will have a Committee Meeting at 10 am on March 3 in the Nursery School Green Room. All are welcome.

I think there was an informal meeting after the General Meeting this morning, but I was unable to attend.

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