Ethical Navigators Weekly Update – September 27


  • Updated: We had a small crew camping in the Ozarks this weekend, but we had a great time.
  • Dates set for October and November outings.
  • New: Our next General Meeting will be October 25 at 9:45.
  • New: Our next Council Meeting will be October 11 at 9:30.

September 25-27: Cabin Camping in the Ozarks
Four families joined Bob Heck at a donated cabin on the Current River for the weekend. Though we had tentative plans to visit some local state parks, we had so much fun at the cabin that we stayed there.

Activities included an indoor scavenger hunt, tea tasting, exploring to local woods, board games, archery, and fishing, swimming, and tubing from a gravel bar.

Thank you very much to Joe Corrigan for donating the cabin for our use this weekend!

Some photos are available on Facebook.

October 17: Biking in Forest Park
We have initial plans for a biking outing in Forest Park, possibly including bike games in a parking lot and a picnic lunch. Further details haven’t been set. Andy Ford is organizing this event. We will also consider bad-weather backup options.

November 7: Puppet Theater
We have initial plans to attend Bob Kramer’s Marionnettes and then go to a member family’s house for a service project for Winter Outreach. Further details haven’t been set, but information about the donation drive for Winter Outreach will come out soon. Haley Pepper is organizing the theater part of the event, and Mel Johnson is organizing the service project.

General Meetings
October 25
Our October General Meeting will be at 9:45 am on October 25 at the Ethical Society.

October Council Meeting
Our next Council meeting is scheduled for 9:30 am on October 11 in the Nursery School Green Room. All are welcome to observe and comment.

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