Ethical Navigators Weekly Update – September 13


  • Updated: More plans in the works for the September outing. Please respond to the survey.
  • Updated: Plans set for our next General Meeting on September 20 at 9:45 at the Ethical Society.
  • Updated: We had a productive Council Meeting this morning. We made plans for the rest of the year and learned about a leadership change within our group.


September 25-27: Cabin Camping in the Ozarks
Ethical Society member Linda Locke owns a cabin in the Ozarks that we will use for a weekend of camping. It was offered to us by Society member Joe Corrigan, who won a stay at the cabin in a silent auction last year. Bob Heck has visited the cabin, and it looks like it will be a lot of fun.

In the area, we will have access to Montauk State ParkDevil’s Well (an underground lake) in Ozark National Scenic Riverways (a possible opportunity to earn Junior Ranger badges), and playing in the Current River along the cabin.

This is offered to us for free, so costs will be solely for food and possibly some activities. If you see Linda Locke or Joe Corrigan around the Society, please express your gratitude.

Warning – the final few miles of road to the cabin are very rough dirt roads. Smaller cars might not be appropriate for the drive. We will consider carpooling and possibly ferrying from an area before the roads deteriorate.

Kyle Crawford is planning this outing, and he has put together a survey to find out what people want to do at this event. Please respond so that we can make this a great weekend. So far, we have heard from 4-5 families that plan to attend. We will have the final details available soon, including food and activities (we will likely ask each family to bring an activity to share with the group). Please note that the cabin is out of cell range, though it does have a landline.

Note: so far, most families are planning to arrive Saturday morning instead of Friday evening due to school, work, and the difficultly of the final few miles of the drive.

October: Biking in Forest Park
We have initial plans for a biking outing in Forest Park, possibly including bike games in a parking lot and a picnic lunch. Dates and details haven’t been set. Andy Ford is organizing this event. We will also consider bad-weather backup options.

November: Puppet Theater
We have initial plans to attend Bob Kramer’s Marionnettes and then go to a member family’s house for a service project, possibly though Winter Outreach. Dates and details haven’t been set. Haley Pepper is organizing this event, and she will reach out to Mel Johnson, who suggested a service project with Winter Outreach.

General Meetings

September 20
Our next General Meeting will be at 9:45 am on September 20 at the Ethical Society. We will be making puppets that we will then use at the Cabin campout for evening games. Kyle Crawford is leading this activity, and he plans to use the puppets to explore emotion and empathy.

This is our first General Meeting of the Fall in co-ordination with SEEK. We intend this to be one of three Special Interest Groups running that morning, but we might be the only activity. We will plan accordingly.

October 25
Our October General Meeting will be at 9:45 am on October 25 at the Ethical Society.


September Council Meeting
This morning, six members of the Council and one guest met in the Ethical Society:
Lance Finney (Communications), Andy Ford (Junior Navigators), Bob Heck (Travelers), Stuart Morse (Senior Navigators), Haley Pepper (Junior Navigators), and Ellen Wilson (Quartermaster). Kyle Crawford called in for much of the meeting.

The meeting was mostly focused on the details of upcoming meetings and outings as described above. In addition, we discussed the following topics:

  • Leadership Change – Senior Navigator Leader Morse told us that he will step down from his position. His children are either in college or are preparing for college, and that has to be his focus. We are very grateful to Stuart for his work in getting our Chapter off the ground – his experience and enthusiasm was instrumental. He will still be involved in our group, but not in a leadership role.If you are interested in serving as Senior Navigators leader, please let us know.
  • Pancake Lunch – We had been planning to run the Society’s November First Sunday Lunch as a fundraiser, but there was miscommunication in the Society office. November was double-booked, so we will instead run the March 2016 First Sunday Lunch. Most likely, we will make pancakes, but other ideas will be considered.
  • Outings – We anticipate lower participation for the upcoming cabin camping outing than we typically see for summer campouts. This drives the lesson that we need to limit longer weekend outings (both in time and distance) for the summer, when the Navigators are out of school.
  • Satellite Chapter – Pepper proposed starting a satellite chapter at her child’s school, where the students would have separate General Meetings, but they would join us for Outings. The Council approved the idea, though we noted that this approach would not scale well if the satellite chapter grew large.
  • Training – In January 2014, our Chapter hosted a regional adult training event for other Chapters. A few leaders came in from Indiana, and several other chapters watched online. We’ve recently learned that other chapters are still using the videos that we produced.As a result, we are considering hosting a similar event in the future. One option would be to host an in-person regional training session, and another option would be to create online videos for scouting skills and also for Navigators-specific organizational topics (like advancement, badges, starting a Chapter, etc.). Either way, we will need to co-ordinate with Navigators USA. Pepper will approach the national organization about the idea, and we will discuss further at the next outing and Council Meeting.

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