Ethical Navigators Weekly Update – October 27


  • Updated: We had a really fun outing yesterday, starting at a Pumpkin Farm and ending at the Wompton’s house with our pumpkin-throwing competition.
  • Updated: Our November Outing will not be at Scott Air Force Base. We plan on the Missouri Civil War Museum and hiking at Jefferson Barracks instead, on November 16.
  • Updated: Our next General Meeting will be November 10.
  • Updated: Our next Council Meeting will be November 3.
  • At least two Council Positions will be open in January – please consider joining to help us lead the group!


October 26
We had a lot of fun yesterday with our pumpkin-themed fall outing. Seven families started out at Thies Farm, playing in Pumpkinland. Then a few more families joined us when we went to the Womptons’ house to test our pumpkin throwers.

The Junior Navigators had a simple yet effective slingshot design, but the Senior Navigators’ impressive catapult won the awards for distance.

Thanks to the Womptons for hosting the second part of the outing.

Some pictures of the day are available on Facebook and Google+ (please let us know if you have more to share). Additionally, we posted a video of the pumpkin tosses on YouTube.

November 16
Our tentative plans to visit Scott Air Force Base have fallen through. Unfortunately, they have a minimum age for visitors that would have excluded the majority of the Navigators, so it doesn’t work for us.

As a replacement that continues the theme of Freedom, we plan to go to the Missouri Civil War Museum at Jefferson Barracks. The tentative plan is to meet on November 16 after lunch, at 12:30, for a visit to the museum ($7 for adults, $5 for children 5-12, Free for under 5) and a hike on the park grounds. More details will be forthcoming.

General Meetings

November 10
The November General Meeting will be at 9 am on November 10th at the Ethical Society. We will discuss topics on the theme of Freedom and service.


November 3 Council Meeting

Our next Council meeting will be at 9:30 am on November 3 in the Nursery School Green Room. All are welcome to observe and comment.

Leadership Transitions – In December, the terms for our current leadership will expire, and we expect that some “new blood” will come into the group. We have one volunteer to take the position of Treasurer (Tom Draney) and one to take the position of Traveler Leader (Bob Heck). These are not finalized choices – if anyone else wants to put his or her name into the hat, they are welcome. Additionally, we could have additional help with group assistants, particularly for the Stargazers, which is the only group which currently does not have an assistant leader. Thanks to Tom and Bob!

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