Ethical Navigators Weekly Update – October 19


  • Update: Our final campout of the year went really well this weekend.
  • New: A regional Navigators campout in Tennessee in April needs an RSVP this month.
  • Year-end awards banquet and potluck on November 8.
  • Update: Pancake fundraiser planned for October 26.
  • Our next Council Meeting will be November 2.

October 17-19: Outdoor skills challenge & campout

We had lovely fall weather to help us enjoy our final campout of 2014.

Our group was smaller than we’ve had at most of our campouts (10 adults and 6 children from six families), but we had a great time.

We organized our weekend around “challenges,” in which the Stargazers, Junior Navigators, and the Senior Navigator showed what they have learned over the past few years. The boys (we had only boys this time, for the first time in Chapter 33’s history) showed their skills in setting up flags, learning how to cook pancakes, setting up tents, tying knots, finding bugs, etc. They did very well.

In addition to the challenges, we also hiked a 1.5-miles “moderately difficult” trail and looked at some of Washington State Park’s petroglyphs.

You can see pictures on Facebook and Google+. You can also see one video on YouTube:

April 17-19: Regional campout

Chapter 82 in Nashville is hosting a regional campout near Nashville in April. Unfortunately, they need to have the headcount by the end of October, so we don’t have much time to organize. Between that complication and the difficulty in camping 300+ miles away during the school year, we will not have this be a major Chapter 33 campout. However, some families might want to participate (for example, Bob Heck is considering going, even if by himself).

So, if you are considering this, please let us know this month.

Here’s the relevant information:

Regional Event April 17-19- Event is $40 for up to a family of 4 and 10 for each additional member of the family (age 0-adult pay the same). This will include the two nights of camping, workshops, and one shared meal.

1) I will need each leader that is going to participate email me with the subject line registration. This email should contain the following information:
a) Chapter Number and where you are from
b)Each family participating, names and ages of all children. Even babies need to be counted.This should be a final count and payment will be expected by January 1st. I may have some leeway as it gets closer to add people but DO NOT RSVP for people who will not be attending.
c) The names of the adults or Sr. Navigators that are willing to lead a seminar, what the topic is, the target age for the lesson and the total amount of people they feel comfortable teaching. (knots, first aid, cooking outdoors, photography, social media for leaders, really anything)

I will need to receive this email by Oct. 30. Again, I apologize for the short notice but I suppose if people are taking off work/school to come in April they need to start planning now too.

2) Once I receive all of the information I will send out an information email to the leaders. This will include a schedule and a list of workshops as well as forms to fill out. These forms and monetary payment will be due by Jan. 1st in order for me to have time to plan everything that needs to be done.

3) If money is an issue for any family and your chapter does not have scholarship funds please put them in contact with me by Oct. 23 so that I can try to make arrangements.

4) The cost for the weekend will be reduced to $30 for a family up to 4 if they are not camping. This must be noted on the RSVP and I will try to put together a list of hotels near the event.

General Meetings

November 8
For November, we will not have our normal morning General Meeting. Instead, we will have a potluck on November 8 at the Ethical Society at 3:30 (tentative time). We will celebrate our achievements, both individually and as a group.

This is our chance to celebrate how much we have achieved in the last year, to thank our contributors, and to recognize our growth. We will send more details about this soon, but please contact your group leader (Ellen Wilson for Stargazers, Andy Ford and Mitch Harden for Junior Navigators, and Stuart Morse for Senior Navigators) to let them know about your achievements outside of the Chapter since our last awards banquet in August 2013.


Pancake “Drive Thru / Picnic” Breakfast Fundraiser – October 26

We will have a fundraiser with pancakes and outdoor breakfast bundles on October 26th from 9:30 to 11:15 am in the lower parking lot of the Ethical Society. Eaters will be able to pull up in their cars or go picnic style as they enjoy what we prepare.

We will need people all morning advertising the fundraiser, cooking food, and cleaning up. Please plan to help, and please invite your friends. We will provide fliers at the General Meeting that you can use to advertise in your community (or you can print this PDF file for sharing). Additionally, please share the Facebook event on your walls.

Stuart Morse and Andy Ford are leading the cooking, with guidance from Mary Harden, a professional chef. Ellen Wilson will be leading the creation of signs for that morning.

We will need people to help cook, clean up, guide traffic, and wave signs on Clayton Rd. Please arrive at 8:30 that morning to help us make this a great fundraiser. Also, please bring any camp stoves and fuel that we can use that morning.

We advertised this morning with a skit at the Ethical Society:

Thanks to Stuart Morse for providing the props and to the Whomtons and Draneys for performing the skit.

Navigators USA National Meeting

The National organization for Navigators USA is looking for host chapters for a national meeting January. Since we hosted the Adult Training in January 2014, we are a leading candidate.

If this happens, we will likely be looking for families who are willing to host visiting Chapter Leaders for a night or two. Please consider hosting. Thanks to those who have already volunteered.

November Council Meeting

Our next Council meeting is scheduled for 9:30 am on November 2 in the Nursery School Green Room. All are welcome to observe and comment.

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