Ethical Navigators Weekly Update – November 26, 2017


  • Celebrate the Year with us on December 10 at the Ethical Society.
  • We will have openings in the Leadership Council next year – please let us know if you would be interested in helping lead the Chapter in 2018.
  • Join the Council for a meeting on December 3 if you want to help plan for 2018 or to be on the Council.

December 10: Year-End Celebration
Please join us on Sunday, December 10 for our year-end celebration. We plan to have this event at the Ethical Society after Platform (noon) on the 10th in the Henke Room. We intend to have a potluck lunch, to hand out awards from the year, to reflect on the fun and learning from the year, and to play some games. We will also have shirts, hats, and bandanas for sale.

Parents: Please review the Badge Book and let Haley Pepper know if your children have earned any badges outside of Navigators activities this year. Also, there is a new badge for Endurance and Bravery – please let Haley know if your children have done something special this year to earn that badge.

General Meetings
We are not planning on having a General Meeting in December. Enjoy your holidays!

Year-End Planning Meeting
The Council is planning to meet on December 3 to make plans for next year. This meeting usually takes several hours as we discuss strategy for the upcoming year, make tentative plans for outings and general meetings, and discuss changes to the Council.

Please attend if you are currently on the Council or just want to contribute to the discussion. We will meet at Ellen Wilson’s house after the Platform that Sunday – please bring your own lunch.

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