Ethical Navigators Weekly Update – November 2


  • Update: Year-end awards banquet and potluck on November 8 at 3:30. Details provided below.
  • Update: We had a short but good Council Meeting this morning.


We have no more planned for 2014. Do you have any ideas for Add-on? If so, let us know.

General Meetings

November 8
For November and December, we will not have our normal morning General Meeting. Instead, we will have a potluck on November 8 at the Ethical Society at 3:30. We will celebrate our achievements, both individually and as a group.

  • We plan for a short ceremony, from 3:30 to 4:30, roughly.
  • Please bring some snacks or hors d’oeuvres to share for a light potluck.
  • Please consider decorating your table with an outdoor or Navigator-related theme.
  • Please wear as much uniform as you have (shirt, sash, and/or bandana).

This is our chance to celebrate how much we have achieved in the last year, to thank our contributors, and to recognize our growth. We will send more details about this soon, but please contact your group leader (Ellen Wilson for Stargazers, Andy Ford and Mitch Harden for Junior Navigators, and Stuart Morse for Senior Navigators) to let them know about your achievements outside of the Chapter since our last awards banquet in August 2013.


Navigators USA National Meeting

The National organization for Navigators USA is looking for host chapters for a national meeting January. Since we hosted the Adult Training in January 2014, we are a leading candidate. We haven’t heard any more about this recently, but Stuart Morse will check with National to see the status.

If this happens, we will likely be looking for families who are willing to host visiting Chapter Leaders for a night or two. Please consider hosting. Thanks to those who have already volunteered.

November Council Meeting

This morning, six members of the Council and one guest met in the Ethical Society Nursery School’s Green Room:
Tom Draney (Treasurer), Lance Finney (Communications), Andy Ford (Junior Navigators), Stuart Morse (Senior Navigators), Haley Pepper (Quartermaster), and Ellen Wilson (Stargazers – called in). Jim Jordan also joined us.

The meeting was mostly focused on the details of upcoming meetings. In addition, we discussed the following topics:

  • Fundraiser – We had a very successful fundraiser last week making Pancakes for the Ethical Society and passersby. We made about $320 profit, which will go to supplies for the Chapter. We had several ideas on improvements for next year, including possibly taking one of the Ethical Society’s post-Platform First Sunday Lunch slots or even cooking for other campers at a campground during an outing. This will be an ongoing discussion.
  • Strategic Planning – We have several potential changes to make in the near future (see last month’s Council Meeting Minutes for information on potential changes in Advancement Procedure, Age groupings, Leadership positions, and SEEK integration). These deep discussions were beyond the scope of what we could handle in this meeting. So, we will have additional leadership meetings before the end of the year:
    • 2015 Planning – The group leaders (Ford, Heck, Morse, and Wilson) will find a common time to meet to discuss outings and reorganization for 2015. One possibility is co-ordinating with Camp Quest Kansas City as our 2015 Sleep-Away camp for older Navigators.
    • Society Integration – Finney and Morse will plan a meeting with Rachel Valenti and/or the Society’s Ethical Education Committee to evaluate and improve the Chapter’s integration with the Ethical Society and SEEK.
  • Chapter Management – The National Navigators organization has arranged access to an online resource for scout management: We will be looking into this for improving our Chapter’s organization.

December Council Meeting

As mentioned above, we will be having strategy meetings in December, but we will not have a General Meeting or an Outing. As such, we will probably not have a normal Council Meeting. See you in 2015!

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