Ethical Navigators Weekly Update – November 10


  • Our November outing will be a trip to Jefferson Barracks on November 16. The older groups will visit the Missouri Civil War Museum, and the younger groups will have other activities. All will be able to hike the adjoining park.
  • Update: We had a small but fun General Meeting this morning.
  • New: Tentative plans for a Navigators Adult Training event on January 17.
  • Most leadership vacancies have been filled, but we could use another volunteer to assist our Stargazer Leader.


November 16
We plan to visit Jefferson Barracks on November 16 to explore the Navigators focus area of Freedom. The older groups will go to the Missouri Civil War Museum; we originally thought all would go, but we have since learned that the material at the Museum is designed for fourth grade and higher and is too mature from younger children. The Stargazers and younger Junior Navigators will have alternate activities while the older Junior Navigators, Senior Navigators, and Travelers will be in the Museum. All participants will be able to spend time exploring the grounds of the park.

The tentative plan is to meet on November 16 after lunch, at 12:30. The museum is not free: $7 for adults, $5 for children 5-12, Free for under 5 (though, again, we will not be taking smaller children into the museum’s exhibits). Haley Pepper and Bob Heck are planning this outing.

We have early plans to attend a holiday concert and learn about concert etiquette, but this is not firm. Bob Heck is investigating the details. If it happens, it will occur on December 14.

General Meetings

November 10
We had a small General Meeting this morning at the Ethical Society. Haley Pepper taught the children the meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance, and then all the children learned how to fold and respect the American Flag. Then, Ethical Society member Joe Ogle joined us to talk about his experiences in the Army during the Vietnam Era.

Thanks to Haley and Joe for teaching us so much this morning.

A few pictures are available on Facebook and Google+.

December 8
We will likely have a General Meeting on December 8, the last Sunday that the Society is open before Christmas. No details have been set yet.


December 1 Council Meeting

Our next Council meeting is tentatively scheduled for 9:30 am on December 1 in the Nursery School Green Room. All are welcome to observe and comment.

Navigators Adult Training

To start our new year in January, Senior Navigator Leader Stuart Morse is organizing a training session for the adults in our group. This will be not only for the official leaders, but also for the parents of the group. The goal is to train or inform as many of the parents as possible in the operations of the troop and the outdoor and leadership skills and model that the youth were to experience.

At the Navigators National Convention last weekend, this training program garnered a lot of interest from other Chapters, some of whom may be joining us either in person or online.

The tentative date for this training is January 17, though no further details have been set.

Please contact Stuart Morse if you are interested in helping to organize this event.

Leadership Transitions

In December, the terms for our current leadership will expire, and we expect that some “new blood” will come into the group. We have one volunteer to take the position of Treasurer (Tom Draney) and one to take the position of Traveler Leader (Bob Heck). These are not finalized choices – if anyone else wants to put his or her name into the hat, they are welcome. Additionally, we could have additional help with group assistants, particularly for the Stargazers, which is the only group which currently does not have an assistant leader. Thanks to Tom and Bob, and please consider backing up Ellen Wilson in our Stargazer Leadership!

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