Ethical Navigators Weekly Update – May 15, 2016


  • Update: We had a lot of fun at our outing to Cahokia Mounds.
  • Early details set for June and July outings.
  • We have add-ons for free summer camps.
  • New: Our next General Meeting will be June 19 at 9:45.
  • New: Our next Council Meeting will be June 12 at 9:30.

May 15: Cahokia Mounds
Today 5 families met in IL for a picnic and activities at Cahokia Mounds to participate in Kids Day. The kids made pinch pots, ground corn, felt animal pelts, made rope, made arrowheads and climbed a mound.

Some photos are available on Facebook.

Free Recreation Camps: All Summer Add-on
The City of St. Louis offers free Playtime Recreation summer camps for children ages 5-18. The earlier camps start on June 6, and the latest ends on August 11. Some of the camps are age-restricted, and they vary in length and time of day.

Topics include Geocaching, Art, Sports, Music, Engineering, Cooking, Cheerleading, Fishing, etc.

More information and registration is available on the city’s website.

Reminder: An add-on is an event that some families in Navigators might attend, but not an event for which we are having a formal presence. If you know of other events that might be fun for Navigators, please let us know, and we will advertise them and add them to our calendar.

June 24-26: Camping/Rock Climbing
We will camp in Southern Illinois at Giant City State Park the weekend of June 24. We may try to open this up to other Navigators Chapters. We have a reservation at a group site. Options for the weekend include horseback riding and a guided hike to learn about local plants – please let us know if you are interested.

July: Camping/Float Trip
Our outing for July will be be another float-trip camping weekend, likely at Meramec State Park, where we went in July 2014 and 2015. A specific weekend has not been chosen.

General Meetings
May 15
Our May General Meeting was scheduled to be co-ordinated with the Ethical Society SEEK program, but the morning schedule changed. We skipped the meeting.

June 19
Our June General Meeting will be at 9:45 am on June 19 at the Ethical Society.

June Council Meeting
Our next Council meeting is scheduled for 9:30 am on June 12 in the Nursery School Green Room. All are welcome to observe and comment.

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