Ethical Navigators Weekly Update – May 14, 2017


  • Update: Details are in place for camping May 19-21. Please RSVP today!
  • Add-on to prepare for the Eclipse.
  • Initial planning has started for camping in June and July.
  • Update: We learned about mining, space, and carbon dioxide at the General Meeting today.
  • New: Our next Council Meeting will be June 11 at 9:30.

May 19-21: Camping/Space/Mine
We will camp the weekend of May 19-21 in St. Francois State Park, combined with a visit to a Space Museum and/or a visit to a mining museum (the exact combination of museums and outdoor activity will depend on the weather – we’ll do more in museums if it’s a rainy weekend). We have a campsite reservation, and we need your RSVPs today to plan our food (sorry for the late notice).

Please see the flyer for more details.

June 17 Add-on: Eclipse Expo
In preparation for the great eclipse in August, there will be a St. Louis Solar Eclipse Expo at Queeny Park on June 17. Attendance is free if you register in advance.

Reminder: An add-on is an event that some families in Navigators might attend, but not an event for which we are having a formal presence. If you know of other events that might be fun for Navigators, please let us know, and we will advertise them and add them to our calendar.

June 23-25: Camping/Sailing
We have plans in place to camp at Carlyle Lake in central Illinois, with sailing on the lake all day on Saturday (with possible opportunities to sail all day on Sunday). Seniors and Polaris will be doing a special sail on Friday night and will be sleeping separate from the rest of the group with a hike back in the morning. Haley Pepper is planning this event. More details soon.

July 21-23 (tentative): Camping/Floating
We have tentative plans to return to Meramec State Park for camping and floating. Lance Finey and/or Andy Ford and Ellen Wilson are starting initial planning for this event. We will probably have some sun viewing activities to practice before the great eclipse.

General Meetings
May 14
Building on the lesson from last month about how much of what we need comes from agriculture (and combining with our upcoming camping outing that could include a trip to a mining museum and a space museum), we talked about how things that we need on a daily basis come from the mining or from the space industry. We split into two groups, with one focused on the questions of how many things we take for granted come from underground, and with the other asking questions about what it’s like in space and what technologies came from the space industry.

Before we split into those groups, we first participated in the SEEK lesson on dry ice, seeing how dry ice and soapy water makes fun bubbles.

Some photos are available on Facebook.

June Council Meeting
Our next Council meeting is scheduled for 9:30 am on June 11 in the Nursery School Green Room. All are welcome to observe and comment.

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