Ethical Navigators Weekly Update – March 31


  • Our next general meeting will be on Sunday, April 7.
  • Our next outing will be hiking on Saturday, April 13, and more details have been set.
  • Nothing much has changed since last week.


April 13
We will be hiking at Emmenegger Nature Park. In addition to getting exercise with views of the Meramec River valley, we will be seeing Spring Wildflowers and working towards a Tree badge.

Here is a description from Jim Jordan, one of the organizers of that outing (along with Angela Lappin):

Our next outing is a spring foray into the woods. Emmenegger Park is located across I270 from Powder Valley Nature Center in Kirkwood. It has a variety of trails including a paved loop in the creek ravine and a larger loop up to the bluff overlooking the Meramec River. In the spring it has the best wildflower display in St Louis and dogs can be brought on the trail.

I would like to propose that we start at 1:30 with some activities in the open ball field area and the hike would start at 2 pm. The hike would take at least 1 hour and if people wish to hike more, they can go to Powder Valley to hike one of the 3 trails.

We would focus on the tree id badge for the Jr and Sr Navigators, but I would like to do this from a tree use as well as ID. I can provide ideas for the star gazers also. For the Travelers, it is a great park to experience the beauty of spring wildflowers and the myriad shades of green as the forest unfurls its leaves.

A potential blurb to advertise to the travelers
Jump into Spring with a hike in one of St Louis’s little known Parks – Emmenegger. Emmenegger is known for its array of spring ephemerals. Wood nymphs you ask? No, but Spring Wildflowers are as intriguing as wood nymphs. These beauties appear early to capture sunlight before the forest canopy leafs out and shades the forest floor. Over 20 species of wildflowers appear in early spring and die back within a month, hence ephemeral. There is also a great diversity of trees in Emmenegger, making this afternoon a bountiful botanical bonanza! So come prepared to hike 1 mile of both paved and dirt paths that cover both ravines and bluff tops. No elevators to the top, but your reward is a great view of the Meramec River valley west of I270.

Acquired through the combination of a donation from Russell Emmenegger and a federal grant in 1988, this beautiful property is the largest park in the Kirkwood system. The original 97 acres have been combined with the former City pool property and the Department of Conservation’s “Possum Woods” property into a 134-acre park that features a picnic pavilion, restrooms, a paved nature trail, and numerous casual trails that explore the undeveloped portions of the park with beautiful views of the Meramec River. – 11991 Stoneywood Drive.

May 4 Add-On
Jim Jordan has proposed participating in the St. Louis Storytelling Festival on May 4 as an Add-On activity that could potentially build towards a Storytelling or Communications badge. We will investigate this further.

May 11
We have set May 11 as a tentative date for our main May outing to ride bicycles around Creve Coeur Park. This might be an activity that the Senior Navigators organize – more details will be forthcoming.

We plan to have a camping trip in June. Dates are not yet set.

General Meetings

April 7
Our April General Meeting will be Sunday, April 7 in preparation for the Hiking outing. This will be at 9:00 am in the Assembly Hall downstairs in the Ethical Society. All ages are welcome to next weeks meeting. There will be something for everyone.


There was a meeting this morning in the Ethical Society Nursery School’s Green Room. However, I was not personally able to attend. Here are the reports from a couple participants:

The meeting started a little late. We talked (Jim) about the next outing and meeting. Jim brought samples of different woods and suggested how we could teach the kids about it.

We didn’t come up with a date for the June campout.

Haley handed out a flyer about a scouting trip to Costa Rica in the end of July-early August. It would be for senior navigators.


As regard to next week’s meeting and the outing it is as discussed. All ages welcome to next weeks meeting. There will be something for everyone.

April 7 and 14 Planning Meeting

Our next full planning meeting will be 10 am on April 14 in the Nursery School Green Room. All are welcome. We will probably discuss fundraising among other topics. we will also probably have informal leadership discussions after the April 7 General Meeting.

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