Ethical Navigators Weekly Update – March 15


  • Updated: Tentative change in plans for March Outing: Jefferson Barracks event will be postponed or changed, depending on availability.
  • Updated: Tentative plans in place for outings and add-ons from April through July. Please respond to our poll for selecting May dates.
  • Our next General Meeting will be March 29 at 9:45 am.
  • Updated: Lots of information from a productive Council Meeting this morning.

March 28?: Jefferson Barracks
We had been intending to participate in the following program at Jefferson Barracks on March 21:

New Program! Children on the Frontier – This two-hour, hands on program is designed for Kindergarten through Grade 2. Learn about a child’s life in the 1800’s in the Louisiana Territory where they were expected to contribute to the survival of their family through hands on activities such as candle making, water carrying, and more. Class size limited to 30 students.

However, only three families were able to attend that weekend (largely due to Spring Break). In order to make the cost of the flat fee for the program more worthwhile, we hope to postpone a week to be more accessible for families. Unfortunately, we don’t know for sure when the program is available, so we cannot set a new date in stone.

We hope that it will be 10 am on March 28, but we can’t say for sure. Other possibilities include doing the outing on a Sunday afternoon or cancelling the program and having alternate free activities at Jefferson Barracks.

Please watch for emails this week when we finalize the new plan.

April 11 Add-on: Learning as Play Conference
Junior Leader Haley Pepper let us know about a conference regarding Learning as Play from the Experiential Educational Exchange on April 11. She intends to participate, and hopes that others will consider participating as well. Here is information about the conference:

The 3EC: Learning as Play Conference is an opportunity for us to come together to improve our practice, share ideas, collaborate on projects, and make our region a better place to live and learn. Participants will learn how to best promote and propel excellence in experiential education in our region through common areas of interest:

  • Outdoor & Adventure Education
  • Organization Training & Development
  • Therapeutic Adventure
  • K-12 Schools: Classroom Connections
  • Higher Education

If you are interested in going, please let her know so that she can try to get a group discount (cost is either $40 or $50, including lunch).

April 18: Fire Station
We have tentative plans to visit the Clayton Fire Department at 10 am on April 18. We will learn about fire safety, calling 9-1-1, “Stop, Drop, and Roll,” see equipment and uniforms, etc. Haley Pepper is planning this event.

May: Camping/Civil War/Shut-Ins
We have selected Silver Mines Campground in Mark Twain National Forest for our May camping outing. This campsite is less than an hour drive from both Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park and the Civil War battle site at Fort Davidson State Historic Site. We have a reservation for Memorial Day Weekend (May 22-25), but we do not want to pick that weekend if it is bad for families who have other plans for the weekend. We want to select the weekend that makes the most sense for the most families.

Please use the online Doodle poll to let us know which weekends you could make, might make, and could not make, so that we can pick the best weekend for the most families.

May 31 Add-on
Family Float Trip/Paddle for a Cause on Sunday, May 31 at 1:30pm.

Join the Open Space Council for a fun-filled summertime float trip on the beautiful Courtois, Huzzah, and Meramec Rivers to raise funds for this year’s Operation Clean Stream! This family-friendly float trip is approximately 3 hours long. A delicious picnic dinner and outdoor games will follow the float.

Early bird registration is available until May 15, 2015 and tickets may be purchased for $55/adult and $15/youth (age 15 and under). Tickets purchased after May 15, 2015 are $60/person for adults and $20/youth (plus service fee if purchased online.)

Tickets may be purchased online. Tickets include paddles, canoes, life jackets, shuttle, and dinner. All money raised from this event will go to support Operation Clean Stream, an annual river cleanup and restoration event in the Meramec Watershed.

Reminder: An add-on is an event that some families in Navigators might attend, but not an event for which we are having a formal presence. If you know of other events that might be fun for Navigators, please let us know, and we will advertise them and add them to our calendar.

June: Camping/Caves/River
We have tentative plans to camp at Onandaga Cave State Park in June. This park will provide opportunities for spelunking, hiking, and playing in the Meramec River. A specific weekend has not been chosen. Lance Finney is planning this weekend.

July 5-11: Camp Quest
Camp Quest is a “place for fun, friends and freethought for kids ages 8 to 17. We provide a traditional sleepaway summer camp experience with a wide range of activities, including sports, crafts, games, swimming and campfires.” If you had experience with a sleep-away church camp and wish your children could have the same experience except replacing the religious message with “critical thinking, ethics, scientific inquiry, philosophy and comparative religion”, this is the place for you. Camp Quest is open for children ages 8-17.

Camp Quest Kansas City will be running July 5-11 at Knob Noster State Park, between Kansas City and Sedalia, Missouri. We do not expect this to be an official Ethical Navigators event, but we view this as a “Super Add-On.” At least one family in our chapter is considering participating, and at least one of our leaders is considering volunteering as a leader.

Camp Quest is only $380 for a full week of sleep-away camp. Let us know if you have any questions, and we will try to facilitate this as much as possible.

July: Camping/Float Trip
Our formal outing for July will be be another float-trip camping weekend, likely at Meramec State Park, where we went in July 2014. A specific weekend has not been chosen. Tom Craney is planning this weekend.

General Meetings

March 29
Our next General Meeting will be at 9:45 am on March 29. We will be offering an activity as one of the SEEK Special Interest Groups. We will meet at 9:45 in order to perform our Opening Ceremony before the other SEEKers arrive. We will then welcome other SEEKers to join us.

The topic of our Meeting will be related to the April Outing to a fire station.


March Council Meeting

This morning, five members of the Council met in the Ethical Society Nursery School’s Green Room:
Tom Draney (Treasurer), Lance Finney (Communications), Andy Ford (Junior Navigators), Haley Pepper (Junior Navigators), and Ellen Wilson (Quartermaster).

The meeting was mostly focused on the details of upcoming meetings and outings as described above. In addition, we discussed the following topics:

  • Uniforms
    • Badges – Pepper has arranged for production of Navigators USA-specific badges for all Navigators Chapters. We will make a small markup on these badges as a fundraiser when other chapters purchase them.
    • Sashes – Pepper has arranged for the production of new sashes, and they will arrive soon.
    • Shirts – Draney will place an order for shirts for our new members soon. If you have registered but haven’t paid, please contact him.
  • Supplies – Wilson will be purchasing two small coolers and two camp stoves. Additionally, Ford is donating a coffee pot to the Chapter.
  • Fall Camping – A Society member has offered to us access to a cabin for a free weekend in September. We don’t have a lot of details yet, but we were excited about the idea. If it pans out, we may change our outing plans for the end of the year, moving camping from October to September and moving a Pinewood Derby from September to October, for example. No progress has been made on this since last month.
  • Outings – Please remember, grandparents, other relatives, and friends are welcome to join us on our outings.

April Council Meeting

Our next Council meeting is scheduled for 9:30 am on April 12 in the Nursery School Green Room. All are welcome to observe and comment.

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