Ethical Navigators Weekly Update – June 8


  • Update: New details about the camping outing at the end of June – please sign up!
  • Our next General Meeting will be June 15 at 9am.
  • Request for volunteers to help at the Pride Fest in June.
  • Update: We had a productive Council meeting this morning.

June 27-29: Camping
We will camp again in June, this time at Little Grassy Lake Campground & Marina in Southern Illinois. Jim Jordan has made reservations for us, and he has some really fun plans. The director of the campsite is a friend of Jim’s, and they are planning special evening events, owl watching, bouldering, a Group Initiative Course, fishing, etc. for us. We will also have some time on the water, so be prepared to swim and/or canoe – bring your boat, kayak, or canoe, if you have one!

Please see the attached flyer for information about costs, activities, and signing up. If possible, please let us know by Friday, Jun 13 if you plan to attend by using this Evite.

We are looking forward to having a patrol group of Junior Navigators show how skilled and mature they are in being able to plan their meals.

20140628 Little Grassy Ed-Venture flyer

July 18-20: Camping Float Trip
We have reservations to camp in July at Meramec State Park, at the very same sites as our first camping outing in 2012. We plan to have Sunday focused on a float trip on the Meramec River. Tom Draney and Andy Ford will plan this outing.

General Meetings

June 15
We will have a General Meeting at 9am on June 15 at the Ethical Society. The Society is running a book sale in the Becker Room, so that will be unavailable to us. Instead, we will meet outside. If the weather forces us inside, we will be in the Nursery School Yellow and/or Green Rooms.

The Stargazers will work on a project based on the Navigators Traits. Juniors, Seniors, and Travelers will prepare for the outing at Little Grassy Lake.


St. Louis Pride Fest

June 28-29
Alan Easton of the Ethical Society has reserved a table at the St. Louis Pride Fest in June to advertise for the Ethical Society. He has offered to share his table with us so we could advertise the Ethical Navigators for families in the St. Louis area which might seek an all-inclusive scouting option. Unfortunately, the Pride Fest coincides with our June camping, so many of us will not be able to participate. However, there may be families that cannot or will not go camping that weekend who would be able and interested in spending some time at the table with Alan.

We would not need to be at the table for the whole weekend, but he would appreciate some support at points through the weekend.

Please email to let us know if we can pass your name to Alan to help him, the Society, and the Chapter.

June 8 Council Meeting

This morning, seven members of the Council and one guest met in the Ethical Society Nursery School’s Green Room:
Tom Draney (Treasurer), Lance Finney (Communications), Andy Ford (Junior Navigators), Mitch Hardin (Junior Navigators), Bob Heck (Travelers), Stuart Morse (Senior Navigators), and Haley Pepper (Quartermaster). Jim Jordan was also present.

The meeting was mostly focused on the details of the upcoming outings and meetings. In addition, we discussed the following topics:

  • CampQuest – Pepper brought brochures from CampQuest, a week-long sleepaway camp for Secular Humanists. There is a camp near Kansas City the last week of June this year. Obviously, this is soon and conflicts with the Little Grassy Lake outing, but it might be of interest to a family that can’t go to Little Grassy Lake. In the long term, we discussed possibly co-ordinating with CampQuest in 2015 and beyond to combine activities with them to give the Navigators a sleepaway option.
  • 250 Cakes – Pepper mentioned that there will be a competition for groups to follow-up on STL 250 Cakes project with a lesson in St. Louis history next year. This might be something our group would want to consider.

July 13 Council Meeting

Our next Council meeting is scheduled for 9:30 am on July 13 in the Nursery School Green Room. All are welcome to observe and comment.

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