Ethical Navigators Weekly Update – June 14


  • Updated: More details for June 26-28 camping at Onondaga Cave State Park.
  • Our next General Meeting will be at 9:45 am on June 21. Please bring shoeboxes.
  • Updated: We had a productive Council Meeting this morning. Future outings are well in development.

June 26-28: Camping/Caves/River
We will camp at Onondaga Cave State Park the weekend of June 26-28. This park will provide opportunities for spelunking, hiking, and playing in the Meramec River. Lance Finney is planning this weekend, and here are the details:
We have five campsite located close together on the inside of a loop and close to the Meramec River. With our campsites, we are limited to 30 people and 10 cars (though a parking lot is very close, so only the people limitation is strict).

The price is $25 for 7 and up/$20 for 6 and under, but this does not cover the cave tour (this is a change from the original plan). The cave tour is $6 for ages 13 and up, $4 for ages 6-12, and free for kids under 6.

Please RSVP with how many people will be in your family group and which nights you will attend (we are limited to 30 people each night and 35 for the cave tour). Please give us a phone number that we can use for texting during the weekend. Make checks out to Ethical Society – Navigators and submit to Tom Draney.

So far, we have received RSVPs from the following families. We assume all are staying both nights and are going on the cave tour. There is still plenty of room.

  • Finney: 4
  • Ford: 3
  • Heck: 1
  • M. Johnson: 2
  • Pepper: 2 or 3
  • Preston: 3 (Saturday only)
  • Wilson: 2

Please see the flyer for more details (Note: this file was updated on June 14 with more information, including food).

July 17-19: Camping/Float Trip
Our formal outing for July will be be another float-trip camping weekend at Meramec State Park, where we went in July 2014. We have campsites reserved for July 17-19 Tom Draney is planning this weekend. Please look for a survey about watercraft interest to come in the next few days.

Note: because watercraft requires a non-refundable reservation, we will require payment from those who RSVP, even if they cannot come (barring major extenuating circumstances).

General Meetings

June 21
Our next General Meeting will be at 9:45 am on June 21 at the Ethical Society in preparation for the Onondaga Cave State Park outing. We will make cave-related dioramas to learn about the caves. Please bring old shoeboxes for the dioramas. Additionally, please contact Haley Pepper if you are able to help build supplies in advance. Finally, Leaders should arrive early to help set up.


June Council Meeting

This morning, five members of the Council met in the Ethical Society:
Tom Draney (Treasurer), Lance Finney (Communications), Bob Heck (Travelers), Haley Pepper (Junior Navigators), and Ellen Wilson (Quartermaster).
The meeting was mostly focused on the details of upcoming meetings and outings as described above. In addition, we discussed the following topics:
  • Senior Navigators – Senior Navigator Leader Morse is working with a Senior parent to build an advanced schedule. Additionally, an idea was floated to focus Senior Navigators on camping outings and focus General Meetings on Junior Navigators. This will be an ongoing conversation.
  • August Outing – We set a date of August 29 for our August Outing, a pool party at the Hecks. The cooking challenge was so successful last year that we will try to build on it.
  • September Outing – A Society member has offered use of a somewhat rustic cabin near Montauk State Park for a camping outing the last weekend in September (this is the same cabin that the Coming of Age group uses each year). We might include Pinewood Derby construction and fishing as part of the activities there.

    Heck and another Society member will visit the cabin in July to determine the sleeping capacity, assess the possibility of having tents around the cabin, etc. The Council is planning on using the cabin, but may revise this decision based on what Heck determines.

  • Communication – Navigators USA National has created a Parent discussion group in a new Google Group. We will transition from using a private mailing list to the new Group over the next few weeks. Using this group will allow more parent-to-parent communication than we currently have.
  • Navigators USA Regional Meeting – Junior Leader Ford remotely attended a regional meeting for Navigators USA last weekend. There wasn’t much from the meeting that directly affects Navigators and parents, but some organizational tools were discussed that will help us build a more creative and organized Chapter.
July Council Meeting
Due to the Independence Day holiday, we will not have a separate Council Meeting in July. We will attempt to resolve necessary business at the Onondaga Cave campout.

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