Ethical Navigators Weekly Update – August 4


  • We will not have a morning General Meeting in August. Instead, we will have a potluck celebration at 3:30 on August 10 – Please join and RSVP!
  • We had a fun outing will be exploring at Cahokia Mounds yesterday.
  • The Council discussed plans for upcoming events at a Council Meeting this morning.


August 3
Several families participated in Archaeology Day at Cahokia Mounds yesterday, having a good time with throwing spears, learning about Native American history, and exploring the mounds. I hope to have photos to display soon.

We have tentative plans for another campout, this time to Little Grassy Lake Campground in Southern Illinois, adjacent to Giant City State Park. Between the campground and the State Park, there will lots of fun activities for various age and skill ranges: swimming, hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, canoeing, etc. (note: Navigators’ insurance does not provide group coverage for some of these activities). We plan for the Senior Navigators and Junior Navigators to continue to build their camping and leadership experience.

Details will be forthcoming, and we hope to pick a date by the end of the week.

We have tentative plans to go apple picking or have another autumn-themed outing. We intend for there to be a Community Service component of the event.

General Meetings

August 10
For August, we will not have our normal morning General Meeting. Instead, we will have a potluck on August 10 at the Ethical Society at 3:30. We will celebrate our achievements, both individually and as a group.

This is our chance to celebrate how much we have achieved in the last year, to thank our contributors, and to recognize our growth.

Please see the flyer (PDF) for more details, but we need you to RSVP by August 8th. Please bring some food as assigned, bring your own mess kit, and decorate your table.


August 4 Council Meeting

This morning, six members of the Council met in the Ethical Society Nursery School’s Green Room:
Lance Finney (Communications), Jim Jordan (Travelers), Rebecca Karlen (Uniforms), Stuart Morse (Senior Navigators), Krystal White (Treasurer), and Ellen Wilson (Stargazers).

The meeting was mostly focused on the details of the upcoming outings and meetings. In addition, we discussed the current operations of the Council:

  • Haley Pepper has resigned as co-leader of the Travelers and as a member of the Council. However, she and her family will still be involved as members and volunteers.
  • We reaffirmed the importance of the Travelers to the Council.
  • We agreed that it would be good for our Chapter for the Stargazers to have an assistant to the leader, as the other groups have. That assistant wasn’t immediately identified.
  • We reaffirmed our plans to have leadership roles be annual volunteer commitments, not indefinite commitments. Before the end of 2013, we will have some openings on the Council as some of the Council members will resign, and we will have an opportunity for new parents to be involved in our leadership.
  • We discussed that we need, as a Council, to show stronger support for each other when a previously-decided issue comes up to question.

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