Ethical Navigators Weekly Update – August 3


  • Update: Details announced for 2 pm on August 16 Pool Party.
  • New: Tentative plans made for September and October outings.
  • Our next General Meeting will be August 10 at 9am.
  • Our next Council Meeting will be August 3 at 9:30am.

August 16: Pool party
The Heck Family has offered their backyard and swimming pool as the site for an end-of-summer Ethical Navigator get-together. We will start gathering there at 2:00 pm, but arriving later is OK.

Activities at the Heck house include these:

  • Anyone can go swimming – the pool is heated
  • They have a trampoline
  • There are multiple seating locations for small conversations or larger group conversations
  • Basketball on the driveway
  • Croquet, jenga, bocce ball, and other lawn games
  • Whispering Hill’s playground is 4-5 doors down to the west and Ross Elementary School’s playground in 3 doors down to the east with a large playing field for kickball, kite flying, etc. The Whompton girls live in the same neighborhood and will lead the Navigators to those play locations.
  • A rolling fire pit for a campfire after dinner (plus marshmallows, popcorn, and s’mores)
  • Swimming after dark by the pool light
  • After dark: a dive-in movie at the end of the pool on a screen with everyone floating in the pool or around the deck.
  • Cooking competition (we will finalize details on how this works at the August 10 General Meeting).
  • Jim Jordan will bring some science activities.

Anyone who wants to camp out can pitch a tent, sleep on the trampoline, hammock, in the screened in porch, on the driveway, etc. and go to the Society after a cold cereal & donuts breakfast.

Please RSVP in advance so that he can plan for the weekend. However, don’t let failing to RSVP keep you from the event; we would rather be happily surprised that you showed up than miss you because you didn’t let us know in advance.

Additional notes:

  • Dinner will be potluck – bring a side dish to share and a grill item for your own family.
  • Bringing dogs is ok.
  • Things to bring:
    • Food for dinner
    • A few dollars to help cover breakfast if you stay over
    • A tent/sleeping supplies (though there are some non-traditional sleeping spots like trampolines and hammocks that work without full gear)
    • Swimsuits, towels and a change of cloths
    • Sunscreen
    • Alcohol is ok, if not used in excess

Bob Heck’s address:
12527 Whispering Hills Lane
St. Louis, MO 63146
It is the third house on the right on Whispering Hills Lane when coming from Ross Avenue.

September 20: Moveable Feast
We have tentative plans for a Moveable Feast on September 20. The plan will be to learn about wild edibles and/or visit an urban farm. Jim Jordan will work with Mitch Hardin to plan this event.

October 17-19: Outdoor skills challenge & campout
Our final campout of the year will include skills challenges and competitions to show how much we have learned. Jim Jordan and Ellen Wilson will investigate options for sites, and Bob Heck and others will devise the challenges. We hope to have this at a campsite that is not very far away.

General Meetings

August 10
Our next General Meeting will be 9am on August 10 in the Becker Room at the Ethical Society. We will finalize plans for the Pool Party, including the cooking competition. Additionally, some of the group may start plans for a Challenge-based campout in October.


August Council Meeting

This morning, four members of the Council and one guest met in the Ethical Society Nursery School’s Green Room:
Lance Finney (Communications), Bob Heck (Travelers), Haley Pepper (Quartermaster), and Ellen Wilson (Stargazers). Jim Jordan was also present.

The meeting was mostly focused on the details of the upcoming outings and meetings. In addition, we discussed the following topics:

  • Quartermaster – Pepper and Heck proposed organizing our regular materials into two sets of boxes: Chapter Boxes and Team Boxes. The Boxes would have protected sheets detailing their contents which could be used for managing inventory and buying new supplies. We will start using this approach in October, but more refinement is needed.
  • Lessons Learned – Our Navigators are getting much better at camping, and their ability to manage a cookout is really increasing. We will build on successes, like the way a sandwich bar worked very well for feeding everyone at the July campout. Additionally, we should consider working toward No Trace camping in the future.
  • Trailer/Shed – For storing and transporting our supplies, the ideas of having a shed and/or a trailer were discussed. Neither are trivial options, and both come with costs and plenty of decisions. This will be an ongoing discussion.
  • Finances – Several families canceled on us for the July campout, and another family arrived on the wrong day. We discussed what we should expect families in those situations to pay. We tentatively decided to require payment of 50% of the cost, though the Chapter would appreciate full reimbursement. If paying 50% is a hardship, the family can ask the Chair and the Treasurer to consider an exemption.
  • Weekend Rosters – Finney and Heck agreed to work on a rosters for large outings, so that the leaders and others can have names and contact information for all families planning to attend.
  • Wish List – Remember that the Chapter has an Amazon Wish List. If you know someone who wants to donate to our Chapter, that would be a way to do it. We will investigate expanding and updating what the Wish List includes.
  • Alcohol – We have had a policy of allowing no alcohol at camping outings. We decided to trial a modification to the rules for October – adults can bring alcohol, but it should stay out of sight until the children are asleep. Other situations in which we will allow alcohol are special events (like the Pool Party) and Travelers-specific outings.
  • Fundraiser – We had tentative plans for a pancake breakfast fundraiser for September, but no one in attendance knew of any progress in planning since then. The Council in attendance agreed to table the fundraiser unless an absent Council member had additional information.

September Council Meeting

Our next Council meeting is scheduled for 9:30 am on September 7 in the Nursery School Green Room. All are welcome to observe and comment.

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