Ethical Navigators Weekly Update – August 25


  • New: The radio show appearance by two of our parents about our Chapter has been posted online!
  • Updated: Our next Outing will be camping at Little Grassy Lake Campground in Illinois on September 20-22.
  • Our next General Meeting will be September 15 at 9 am in the Nursery School.
  • Our next Council Meeting will be September 8 at 9:30 am in the Green Room of the Nursery School.


September 20-22
The Navigator’s September outing will be a weekend camping trip to Little Grassy Lake in S Illinois Friday evening, September 20 – Sunday, September 22. This is the anniversary weekend of our first campout to Meramec State Park! Little Grassy Campground is right on Little Grassy Lake, 7 miles south of Carbondale. It is part of Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge and the 1000 acre lake is preserved in its natural state. It is about a 2 hour drive (including pit stop) from St. Louis.

We have five adjacent sites on Tenter’s Hill reserved. Campground amenities include a swimming beach (roped off), boat dock, store and shower house. The lake in September will be a nice swimming temperature. Curt Carter, campground owner and Environmental Educator with Land4Learning, will provide a Saturday evening campfire program. He is an environmental singer/songwriter that has conducted many programs for schools and youth groups. Team initiative games are a possible activity. Stuart volunteered to bring his canoe trailer down with two canoes and kayak, so boating will be possible. Canoe rental is also available. Little Grassy is a great fishing lake also. Giant City State Park has fantastic sandstone bluffs and trails and offers a great place for exploration. Climbing and rappelling may be possible for older navigators (Haley and Mauricio).

Jim Jordan worked for 9 years on Little Grassy Lake at Touch of Nature, and he knows of other possible activity sites and things to do. These options include the campfire program mentioned above and a Service Project with Crab Orchard Wildlife Refuge.

So Mark Your Calendars and plan on joining in this fun adventure. More details will be provided as trip planning is underway.

We have tentative plans to go apple picking or have another autumn-themed outing. We intend for there to be a Community Service component of the event.

General Meetings

September 15
We will have a general meeting on Sunday, September 15 at the Ethical Society, at 9 am. Due to the Sunday School registration, we will be meeting either in the Nursery School’s Green and Yellow Rooms or in the woods behind the parking lot, depending on weather. The tentative plan for the meeting will be learning skills necessary for the camping event the next weekend.


On July 25, Lance Finney and Andy Semler recorded a segment of Ask an Atheist, a local radio show from Tacoma, WA, with a national presence. The episode was released today, so it is available for anyone who wants to hear how Lance and Andy represented the Ethical Society, Navigators USA, and Chapter 33.


September 8 Council Meeting

Our next Council meeting will be 9:30 am on September 8 in the Nursery School Green Room. All are welcome to observe and comment.

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