Ethical Navigators Weekly Update – August 20, 2017


  • Plans updated for Eclipse viewing on August 21.
  • Plans set for service/pool party on August 26.
  • Updated: Initial plans in place for September and October outings.
  • Updated: We had a big turnout for eclipse fun this morning at our General Meeting.
  • New: Our next Council Meeting will be September 10 at 9:30.

August 21: Eclipse
We are not going to have a single official Ethical Navigators outing. For those who want an adventure and a reserved spot closer to max totality, we are keeping our reservation at Trail of Tears State Forest near Jonesboro, Illinois (and at least one leader, Andy Ford, plans to be there and has the reservation information). If you want to make use of it, please feel free. However, we don’t want anyone to feel that they should sacrifice their other priorities in order to be with the Navigators.

Additionally, some of the leaders (Kyle Crawford and Ellen Wilson ) have decided on an alternate location for an add-on-style gathering: Jefferson College in Hillsboro. See here for more information and a link to a flyer.

Current weather predictions are that the State Forest site will have fewer clouds, but it’s a gamble either way.

Our Eclipse Reservation
We have a shelter reserved in Trail of Tears State Forest near Jonesboro, Illinois that anyone can use as a base for viewing the great eclipse. In order to beat the crowds, we recommend that leaving early in the morning from St. Louis to have time to get through possible traffic (no one knows how traffic will be, but it’s better to be safe than sorry).

The Chapter will not provide food or activities, but the site has bathrooms, fresh water, a grill, hiking trails, a playground about 0.2 miles away, and an open field.

The partial eclipse at this spot will start around 9:52 am., and totality will last around 2m31s minutes at roughly 1:21 pm, weather willing.

Here’s a photosphere of our site:!/s/73c623ba407af874b9edf495d4df3268

Additionally, we might decorate Eclipse Glasses at the August General Meeting, both for fun, and to decrease the odds that the Navigators will look unsafely around the filters.

Here are directions to the exact location of the shelter from the Ethical Society (adapt as needed). Experts are suggesting using the back roads to get there instead of I-55, but no one really knows what’s best for sure:

August 26: Service Project/Pool Party
Bob Heck has graciously offered to host us for a summer-ending Pool Party in August. Additionally, we have been asked to help clean up the Ethical Woods. So, we’re having a double event.

At 9am, we will gather at the Ethical Society to help maintain the Ethical Woods (a woodsy area behind the parking lot that the Nursery School uses for education and that others use for meditation). The Youth Group will pull weeds, and our responsibility will be to spread mulch on the trails through the woods.

After we work up a sweat doing good, we will head to the Heck house for a pool party (starting roughly at noon). We will have lunch there, so please everyone bring some food for your family and some food to share. Additionally, some kids want to continue our cooking competition, so please bring a favorite recipe that your Navigator made if you want to participate.

Activities at the Heck house include these:

  • Anyone can go swimming – the pool is heated
  • They have a trampoline
  • There are multiple seating locations for small conversations or larger group conversations
  • Chess and other lawn games

Bob Heck’s address:
12527 Whispering Hills LaneSt. Louis, MO 63146
It is the third house on the right on Whispering Hills Lane when coming from Ross Avenue.

Anyone can participate in either or both parts of this activity – no one will be turned away from the pool party if they weren’t able to join on the service project.

We will email the flyer with complete information soon.

September 23: Biking
We have tentative plans for a biking outing. We might go to a nearby park or trail, as we have done in the past, but that day is also the day of Pedal for the Cause, and the family of our member Lenore has asked to to consider participating in this cancer fundraiser. The Council likes this idea, but we need to look into it more to figure out the details. More information to come after Mike Jones and Haley Pepper solidify their plans).

At the General Meeting this morning, one of our Chapter families that is involved in the fight against cancer presented information about the Pedal for the Cause option. The Council will decide our approach soon.

October 20-22: Camping/Climbing
We would like to have our final camping trip of the year to be a climbing adventure at Pere Marquette SP in Illinois. Andy Ford will take the lead planning this.

General Meetings
August 20
We had a great turnout for our General Meeting on tomorrow’s solar eclipse. 27 kids met to learn basic science from Mr. Crawford and to using tennis balls and a beach ball as a model of the moon and sun to learn how a small object can obscure a larger object.

After that, the larger Navigators stayed with Mr. Crawford for more science, and the smaller Navigators made and decorated guards around their eclipse glasses to help protect their eyes.

Photos are available on Facebook.

September Council Meeting
Our next Council meeting is scheduled for 9:30 am on September 10 in the Nursery School Green Room. All are welcome to observe and comment.

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