Ethical Navigators Weekly Update – April 2, 2017


  • Update: We had a great time camping at Babler State Park.
  • Update: Planning continues for an April visit to the Science Center to learn about farming.
  • New: Add-on to see the FIRST Robotics Championship.
  • Initial planning has started for May camping.
  • Our next General Meeting will be on April 16 at 9:45am at the Ethical Society.
  • Our next Council Meeting will be April 9 at 9:30.

March 31-April 2: Cabin Camping
How rude! The local fire departments interrupted our work on our safety badge to conduct a drill where we were camping. They were doing a multi district drill to search for a downed airplane. 24 vehicles were involved and 3 ended up at our campsite. They were super nice and spent some time explaining what was happening and answered questions for the kids!

We had about 29 scouts for at least part of the weekend and with parents we may have hit 50 people. Everyone worked on Safety, First Aid and Archery badges. The Seniors and Polaris scouts went on a 4+ mile hike while the others did a short hike, played, tried a slack line, or rested. All played Gaga ball.

Some photos are available on Facebook.

April 22: Farming
We are planning an outing to the St. Louis Science Center’s GROW exhibit to learn about the journey of food to our tables. Ideally, we will have a presentation from the Science Center to help us learn, but if there are scheduling difficulties, we will do a self-guided tour of the exhibit. Because of Earth Day activities, we will not have a formal docent, and we will instead participate in the Science Center’s Farming, Earth Day, and a special bovine exhibit. We anticipate a cost of $5/perso to enter the Science Center.

Note: we will try to schedule the outing not to conflict with Earth Day and March for Science activities that day.

April 26-29 Add-on: FIRST Championship
St. Louis has hosted the world championships for FIRST Robotics for several years, and they are great opportunities to see children from around the country and the world who have but STEM thinking to use to build LEGO or metal/plastic robots (depending on the age group) to solve various problems. Admission to the competitions and pits are free. 2017 will be the last year for a while that St. Louis hosts this great opportunity to see international children excited about STEM.

May 7 Add-On: People’s Joy Parade
We are in discussions with the People’s Joy Parade to participate with a float. The Senior Navigators Leaders (Ellen Wilson and Andy Ford) will be talking to Senior Navigator families about taking the lead for our participation. Haley Pepper is building a banner for us to carry.

Please fill out the Evite for the parade so that we can plan the size of our group.

Reminder: An add-on is an event that some families in Navigators might attend, but not an event for which we are having a formal presence. If you know of other events that might be fun for Navigators, please let us know, and we will advertise them and add them to our calendar.

May: Camping/Space/Mine
We intend to camp the weekend of May 19-21 in or near St. Francois State Park, combined with a visit to a Space Museum and possibly the mine tour there. We do not have a campsite reservation yet, so the actual weekend might shift depending on what is available.

General Meetings
April 16
The April General Meeting will be at 9:45 am at the Ethical Society on April 16.

April Council Meeting
Our next Council meeting is scheduled for 9:30 am on April 9 in the Nursery School Green Room. All are welcome to observe and comment.

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