Environmentalism: Walking the walk; Jim Rhodes, Bing Gibbs and Doreen Hulsey

Three members of Earth Ethics will talk about how we can make a positive impact on our environment and enjoy healthier lives on a sustainable planet. Jim Rhodes will discuss some possible solutions to the problem of runoff from farms, urban areas, and even our own front yards, which adversely affects our nation’s water supply. Bing Gibbs will compare EVs (Electric Vehicles) to gas-powered cars, contrasting the emissions of the power plants (providing charging capability for EV batteries) with the emissions from gas-powered automobiles. Doreen Hulsey will discuss the controversial topic of genetically modified organisms, and the unintended, dangerous, unpredictable consequences thereof. The biotech industry says we need them, but do we really? How do they affect our health and the environment? Doreen will cite the latest research and the dire prediction of an acclaimed expert.

Jim Rhodes is a licensed professional environmental engineer who works in the area of water pollution control in the St. Louis Area. He holds Master’s degrees in both Environmental and Civil Engineering.

Bing Gibbs has become an activist for making sure the air we breathe is clean and the food we eat is highly nutritious. Bing joined the Gateway Electric Vehicle Auto Club on his quest to seek solutions for better air quality.

Upon discovering that the “conventional wisdom” of nutrition is incorrect, Doreen Hulsey began researching nutrition several years ago. She also writes a blog, CountdownToFitness.com